Kevin Smith Possibly Mean To A Fan Once
By Ryan McLelland

In a shocking turn of events bound to knock Hollywood on its knees, writer/director Kevin Smith was possibly mean to a fan once.

Smith, known as one of the nicest and most gracious men on the planet, may be a horrible monster after all as a Twitterer named Warm Soup Belly has come forward to talk on this horrible encounter.

“I know that face,” Warm Soup Belly said. “I once tried to shake a man’s hand once at The Hollywood Improv on a Friday night and thank him for being an inspiration. He couldn’t be bothered. I imagine I looked just like that. Kinda sucks.”

The horrifying revelation comes on the heels of the news that Smith, who had been out walking, tried to speak to a teenager he saw wearing a Clerks hat. Clerks was the 1994 Miramax hit that launched Smith’s Hollywood career. The teenager, being a teenager, didn’t look up from his phone and stop watching his video to notice Smith. To be fair, we don’t know if the video was the latest episode of Demon Slayer, but most likely just someone playing Fortnite.

After revealing the dark truth inflicted upon him, Warm Soup Belly seemed to walk back on his statement, “Agree it was a bad moment ANY of us could have. I’m a big fan, I still buy everything (Smith) does (on the) first day. I got tickets for the (upcoming film Jay and Silent Bob) Reboot already. I just spoke what happened to me five years ago and while most think I’m attacking, I thought I was simply coming to the (teenager’s) defense.

The Internet is now buzzing, saying that Kevin Smith may have “gotten to Warm Soup Belly”. This may have included several acts of kindness, graciousness, or some other unspeakable horror.

For transparency sake, I once had an encounter with Smith at the IFC. Smith had screened his film Clerks 2 for cast, crew, and fans in which I was in attendance. I rose up asking why one scene was so long and Smith asked me what I would cut. I said I would trim that scene and Smith asked again what I would personally specifically cut.

I sat down, not knowing why a man would make a movie and invite me to a screening only to humiliate me in front of actor Brian O’Halloran. This had never happened at any other early screenings I had been invited to going all the way back to his third film Chasing Amy.

I feel your pain, Warm Soup Belly. Kevin Smith will one day rue the day.

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