Jacob Batalon and Dwayne Johnson Cast in The Little Mermaid as Prince Eric and Ursula
By William Miller

Actors Jacob Batalon and Dwayne Johnson will shortly be under the sea as they join the cast of the live action remake of Disney’s classic animated feature The Little Mermaid.

Batalon, known for his breakout role as Ned Leeds in the Spider-Man films, will play Prince Eric – a prince whose name is Eric.

Johnson, who will be seen in Universal’s upcoming superhero film Hobbs and Shaw, has been cast as Ursula – a weird half octopus sea witch thing who gives Ariel everything she wants but then is still labelled “the bad guy.”

Singer-actress Halle Bailey was cast in the part of Ariel earlier in the week. Bailey, step-cousin of actress Halle Berry, is knowing for being one member of the singing duo Haley x Halsey.

An early 2020 production start is being planned.

Johnson is repped by CAA. Batalon is repped by CIAHBOFBIMRE.

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