Comic Creators Pissed At Marvel Hiring Ryan Reynolds’ Son to Write Spider-Ham
By John Byrne

Yesterday, we reported on Marvel’s big announcement that Ryan Reynolds will co-write a Peter Porker: The Spectacular Spider-Ham comic with his 10-year-old son James Reynolds in September, with artist Fred Hembeck and colorist Tom Mason. Or, as we put it yesterday:

It can take decades of hard work to make a name for yourself in the comic book industry, rising through the ranks until you finally have a chance to produce stories about one of the industry’s prestigious flagship characters. Or, you could just be a famous actor who starred in 6 comic book films and his 10-year-old son and skip right to the big time. *cue O Canada*

While Marvel is clearly excited to get Ryan Reynolds’ name on a comic, something they’ve been chasing down for at least 24 years, Reynolds appears to be simply discussing the outline with his son, who will do the actual writing of the comic.

“It’s been wild for me from having worked with writers for many years to work with my son on something,” said Reynolds. “And even though he is more interested in looking at boobs on the Internet, he is full of brilliant ideas. Like creating Barry Bigfoot – a new Canadian superhero in the Spider-Ham universe. Exciting!”

James Reynolds has no comic writing experience and even acknowledged that, even though “he’d rather look at some boobies on the internet,” writing for the number one comic book publisher purely because of who his father and that his dad wears the Deadpool costume in the home 80% of the time.

Still – its pretty awesome to be a 10-year-old and writing for Marvel despite the nepotism.

“If he can write, let him write,” said actress Talia Shire.

“Exactly,” said Nicholas Cage.

“Completely agree,” said Weston Coppola Cage.

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