Jamiroquai Sued By Iroquoi Indian Tribe
By William Miller

While Jamiroquai continues to tour Europe in 2019, the band’s return to the United States is imminent in the most unexpected of ways.

The Iroquoi Indian Tribe of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania had previously filed paperwork against the English funk band in the state’s capital of Harrisburg last month and the case will finally be brought in front of a jury in August.

Iroquoi v. Jamiroquai is a class-action lawsuit brought by Hiawatha Ganonsyoni and other Native American representatives against Jason Kay, Derrick McKenzie, Sola Akingbola, Rob Harris, Matt Johnson, and Paul Turner. Surprisingly the tribe isn’t suing the band over racial appropriation.

“The Iroquoi Indians are part of a long and memorable history in the United States,” said attorney Martin Vail. “While the Iroquoi were once happy that Mr. Kay joined the Iroquoi name with the word jam, they have noticed the significant lack of jamming in the United States. This is unacceptable. Because of this the tribe wants one of two results: play in America more often or have the group change their name. Jamhessian could work.”

Most shocking is the naming of Stuart Zender, a former member of Jamiroquai who left the band in 1998. “We still love Paul Turner even though we are suing him,” Ganonsyoni said. “But we are also still mad that Stu left the band.”

While the band played a few gigs in America during the 2018 leg of their tour, there are no current plans for the band to play America in the near future.

While the band has remained rather mum over the lawsuit, frontman Kay did release a short statement.

“Cheers fortnight, rubbish,” said Kay. “Lorry uni fresher brill cheeky chuffed. Chunder gobby manky naff. Taking a piss, arse bird.”

“We have no clue what he’s saying,” noted Vail. “We have an interpreter working around the clock. We hope to have an answer by trial.”

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