The Adventures Guild
Written by: Zack Loran Clark and Nick Eliopulos

Reviewed by: Katherine Flynn

The Adventurers Guild is the story of Zed, a half human elf, and his band of unlikely friends who are trying to save a town from the Dangers that lurk outside of the border walls.

The story is set in a small walled town of Freestone that does not let others in or outside of its borders. This is due to the Dangers that have destroyed all of the nearby towns with the exception of the elven town Llethnyl. Zed and his best friend Brock attend the Guild culling of the local children and are put into one of the five districts.

Just as Zed and Brock are set to be put into the guilds of their choice their selections are overturned by the Adventurers Guild, the only group allowed to go past the walls and protect the town from the unseen dangers that lurk just outside. Joining their leader Alabasel Frond, Zed and Brock, along with Liza, Hexam, and Micha, become the only line of defense that can save the town from the terrible evil that lurks within.

I enjoyed the characters from this book and that the point of view of the story is told by both Zed and Brock. The two narratives are important because we learn that Zed was chosen for the Adventurers Guild while Brock volunteered to protect his friend. However, throughout the story it is Zed that protects Brock. Brock has his own dark motives for joining the Guild.

As the reader moves through the story Zed’s magic ability grows and his potential to become the most valuable member of the Guild increases. The other characters in the story are helping Zed grow into his powers and gain help him gain confidence. Two of the characters worth mentioning are Liza, a noble tomgirl, and Frond who are capable warriors and great leaders. It is a nice change to see not one but two empowered females in an adult lit book.

I thought the book was a fast read and enjoyably paced. There was some vocabulary used that I felt could have been better explained within the context of the book or perhaps a small glossary at the end.  The book ended on a cliff hanger and I’m looking forward to reading the second installment.

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