While I was just read about William Messner-Loebs current living situation, it seems that the comic creator and his wife have been homeless for over a year.  While reading more about Bill, I came upon Michael Marcus’ IndieGoGo campaign to produce a benefit book with all of the funds (after printing and shipping) going to Bill and his wife towards a home.

I only wish that I had learned about the campaign sooner, as the IndieGoGo only has two days to go.  HOWEVER – now is your chance to visit the IndieGoGo at: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/a-benefit-book-for-william-messner-loebs

Per the IndieGoGo:

William Messner-Loebs is a prominent award-winning comic book author and artist who lives here in Michigan, who has been not only an inspiration but a significant encouragement and collaborator with other artists. However, due to bad luck, he found himself and his wife homeless. Working with friends of mine in Detroit Tradecraft, we’ve pulled together various comics creators for this benefit book to raise awareness of homelessness and help Bill and his wife find their way back into a home.

This full-color comic book is thirty-six pages of art and story, featuring many of those in our community. In order of appearance, these are: Tom Orzechowski, Bill Bryan, Brent Bowman, G. Walker Teon, J. R. Mounts, C. Pat Jackson, David Branstetter, Marco Evans, Anthony Zicari & Claudio Sepulveda, and Nick Gibson, Jason Johnson, & Jammie Eric Baird.

Bill wrote one of my fave 90’s Image books working with Sam Keith on The Maxx. He’s well known for his Wonder Woman run where he teamed with Mike Deodato and saw Artemis replace Wonder Woman. He’s also worked for Marvel and DC on several high profile books which include Thor, Flash, Hulk, Hawkman, Impulse, JLE, and Superman.  He wrote the Grendel tie-in Silverback back when it was Comico and, for Impact Comics lovers, he wrote The Jaguar for DC’s short lived imprint.

Rewards start pretty cheap as a digital version of the book runs for $3 and $10 for the physical copy shipped to your home. It’s a no-brainer if you grew up reading Bill’s books.

You can visit the campaign at: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/a-benefit-book-for-william-messner-loebs

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