Arcade1Up’s new mini arcade cabinets look like the red hot video game machines for this holiday season. Forget that PlayStation Classic. Keep dreaming if you think you’ll have a Nintendo 64 Classic in your grubby little hands for this holiday season. At-Games has these great little plug and play systems out now, but I haven’t played one yet so I can’t give it a yay or nay. But an actual arcade cabinet in your home? It’s been a dream of mine since I was a kid. I’m sure most kids growing up would have lived one! As an adult my dream is to have a Ms. Pac-Man machine in my mancave. The reality may be closer then I think. This holiday season, Arcade1Up has five different cabinets perfect for your home. Noted for its simple assembly, the unit is 46 inches high, 19 inches wide, and 23 inches in diameter. It’s not the size of the old arcade cabinets which I see as a monster advantage as this smaller unit will be much easier to move around at just 63 pounds. Best part? You aren’t going to need a hand truck. Just assemble the unit where you want to put it and you’re all done. Currently there are five different cabinets to choose from, each with a few games on each cabinet.
The Asteroids cabinet also has Tempest, Major Havoc, and Lunar Lander.
The Galaga cabinet also includes the first in the series: Galaxian.
The Centipede cabinet includes some of the greatest arcade classics of all time: Millipede, Crystal Castles, and Missile Command.
The Street Fighter II Championship Edition cabinet includes two other fantastic Street Fighter games including Super Street Fighter Turbo and Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers.
The Rampage cabinet includes the amazing classics Gauntlet, Joust, and, one of the best classic arcade games, Defender.
Lastly is the Final Fight cabinet which is launching in Spring 2019. This Capcom cabinet will also include Strider, 1944, and Ghosts and Goblins. If this was available now it would be in my home tomorrow.  Arcade1Up also has produced a riser for the cabinets which will increase the unit’s height by one foot.  For this holiday I’m most likely snagging the Street Fighter cabinet for my son, while I’m pondering picking up the Rampage cabinet for myself.
The Final Fight cab is probably a must buy for me. I snagged this picture of cocktail tables that Arcade1Up is cooking up for the future. In the very background?
That’s right. A Pac-Man cocktail table. This will be a MUST own. If it includes Ms. PAC-Man and Super Pac-man, I may fall over.  The Arcade 1Up arcade cabinets rare now available through retailers like Gamestop, Walmart, FYE, Target, and other fine establishments. Retail price is around $299.99.  Once I get my grubby little hands on one, you can be sure a video review will be quickly forthcoming.  Learn more about these amazing cabinets directly at Arcade1Up’s website: