Working on the next two BEST COMEDIES at the same time started to drive me a bit crazy as I work diligently to finish them both. I decided to create this intermediary BEST COMEDY for the pilot episode of Andy Barker PI – a very short lived series that ran on NBC. I gave myself one day to write and create the episode. I worked my butt off but, somehow, I actually did it. I started and finished it all in one day.

Until the video was blocked worldwide thanks to the wonderful people over at NBCUniversal. The next day I started editing and reediting and reediting some more. In total I had to reedit this episode eight times over the course of four more hours. I never had to do this with any other episode of the series thus far so my plan to do a simple review of a pilot episode turned out to be one of my most glorious frustrations thus far. I guess whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Andy Barker PI starred Andy Richter as an accountant who launches his own accounting firm but finds himself drawn into the life of a private investigator. He is usually joined by Simon (Arrested Development and Veep’s Tony Hale), who is bored at his job as a manager of a dying video store. The show was amazingly witty, side splittingly funny, and cancelled quite quickly thanks to those wonderfully smart people at NBC. Here I take a look at the pilot episode and how Andy came to gain an extra profession.

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