Grimm Fairy Tales: Tarot #6
Written by: Joe Brusha
Art by Renato Rei and Grostieta
Published by: Zenescope Entertainment

Reviewed by: Ryan McLelland

As I read the Tarot miniseries issue after issue I truly believed that the end of this miniseries would bring us to some massive Grimm Fairy Tales war. Tarot felt epic yet as I read issue after issue I truly thought that, after the book was done, there was a much bigger story to tell.  Now while there are many more stories to tell centered around the characters of the Tarot, I was sad to see that Tarot #6 pretty much wraps up this miniseries in a pretty little bow. I am going to admit that I am a little disappointed that a large war is not taking place next but I really liked where writer Joe Brusha took this series and I’m satisfied with the ending.

In this final issue the Order of Light (AKA the good guys) find themselves in the throne room of the emperor (the leader of The Tarot AKA the bad guys). Nataliya, Talisman, Shimmer, and the rest of the Order of Light are vastly outnumbered going up against some of the Emperor’s most sinister killers. Can our heroes triumph? Even the best fighters in the world may fall when put up against massive numbers of other well trained fighters.

This is the case here and Nataliya brings whoever is left alive through a secret passage to try and save their lives. Nataliya thinks she is bringing her friends to safety but quickly finds herself in another fight with possibly even greater opposition.  What happens next truly shocked me and leads me to an ending that was so completely unexpected I could have never guessed in a million years.  It was one hell of an ending.

This miniseries deserved a damn good ending because I really believe that this is, by far, the best book Zenescope has put out this year thus far.  That’s saying something with Van Helsing vs. The Werewolf, Robyn Hood: The Curse, and The Black Sable all kicking so much ass.  I’m also very interested to see where this tale brings us as the ending truly sets us all up for a wonderful dynamic to come.  As long as I get more Nataliya I’m damn happy.

The artwork team of Renato Rei and Grostieita has proven to be the best damn combination on any book Zenescope is currently publishing.  Every single panel and every single page just looked unbelievable and the duo really put their all into making this book look gorgeous.  I don’t even need word bubbles.  I can just go from panel to panel and admire what I’m seeing.  These two really deserve a standing ovation for the job they did on Tarot.

Grimm Fairy Tales: Tarot was one fantastic miniseries which gave us an in-depth look at the continuing Grimm Fairy Tales universe while being an easy enough read for novices to be able to pick up the book and jump right in without needing much of the backstory.  But trust me when I say this entire miniseries is so addictive that you always want more the second an issue is over.

Now that the entire miniseries is over?  I sure hope that the people over at Zenescope have something great cooked up for me.  Because Tarot was too damn good to just be left alone.  I need more of this story and I need it now.


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