Legenderry Red Sonja #5
Written by: Marc Somebody
Art by: Who Cares
Lettered by: Why Does It Matter
Cover by: Someone really talented
Co-Executive Edited by: someone at Dynamite and, by the looks of it, someone at Red Sonja LLC
Associated Edited by: a kickass dude at Dynamite
Based on the Heroine by: an amazing writer who wrote about a different Red Sonya character in a different time but gets all the credit for the creation of this Red Sonja character
In memory of: A great man who passed on six years that brought great flicks like the Red Sonja movie which cribbed Roy Thomas’ origin story of Red Sonja
Special thanks to: Shannon Kingston – the one person who can really get a thanks to Roy and Barry in the comic but just ignores everything I say
Published by: Dynamite Comics

Not Reviewed by: Ryan McLelland

My review boycott of Dynamite’s Red Sonja books continue.  While Robert E. Howard gets the “credit” for Red Sonja’s creation (he once wrote a story about Red Sonya that has nothing to do with the character we all know and love), it was Roy Thomas and Barry Windsor Smith who created Red Sonja as we have known her for the past 40+ years.

Barry and Roy never get credit.  They never get a thank you . That probably lies right on the shoulders of Red Sonja LLC, but it also lies on the shoulders of every comic book writer, artist, inker, colorist, and Red Sonja fan who doesn’t take an interest.  I don’t want much – I just want a “Special thanks to Roy Thomas and Barry Windsor Smith” in the inside cover.  Is that too much to ask?  Because these two men should at least be thanked for creating one of the most famous heroines of all time.

Don’t know what I’m talking about?  Watch the video below and learn a few things about Red Sonja, Roy Thomas, Barry Windsor Smith, and their lack of credit.  It’s time.  Let’s do the right thing Dynamite Comics and Red Sonja Corp LLC. #thanksforroyandbarry


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