Sean Wang originally collected the five issues of the first Runners miniseries back in 2005.  Upon opening the trade paperback there are many different quotes from reviewers on the space opera.  “It’s quite easy to say that Runners is one of the most entertaining comic books on shelves today,” the excerpt from my review for Newsarama states.  “The story, humor, and artwork of Sean Wang places him in a league of his own amongst his rivals in the independent comic book market.”  The review is no longer available at Newsarama but I’m glad to see my sorta eloquent words immortalized in Runners Volume 1.

Sean is not only currently working on a Runners Volume 3, but has a Kickstarter in its last days for a fully colored version of Runners Volume 1: Bad Goods.   The original gray scaling is absolutely amazing but I am so, so, so, so excited for a colored version of this book.

What is Runners about?  I’ll crib from the Kickstarter page and let Sean tell you himself:

Runners is a fun sci-fi action comedy about a crew of alien smugglers led by reluctant captain Roka Nostaco and his acerbic co-pilot Ril Mar. They’re joined by two pirates, jokey sharpshooter Cember Koji and former mob enforcer Bennesaud. There’s Bocce, a humanoid with a shape-shifting energy arm, and Sky, a mysterious alien girl with some unusual powers of her own. The series follows their exploits as they struggle to complete hazardous intergalactic runs while constantly hounded by pirates, bounty hunters, police, and the occasional conscience.

Runners Vol 1: Bad Goods, originally came out as a black-and-white book to much critical acclaim. It focuses on one particular run for the mob that spirals out of control, including shootouts with pirates, dogfights with bounty hunters, and an all-out, three-way ship, cycle, and foot chase through the streets of an alien space station. It was followed by Runners Vol 2: The Big Snow Job. Like Volume 1, it received excellent reviews, but unlike the first book, the second was in full color.

The colors really pop in the pages that Sean has shown off on the Kickstarter page.  Here’s a page colored from Volume 1:

And here are a few pages from Volume 1 in the original black and white, including the black and white version of the above page.  A HUGE difference.

Here are some pages from Volume 2 – the colors are gorgeous.  There’s no doubt that Runners should be in color.

The Kickstarter has about five days left and currently has two thousand more dollars to go to make this project a reality.  Some 15 years later the Runners series is near and dear to my heart.  It is why the first volume is a part of the 2G1 Reviews logo – it is a comic series that continues to stay with you and remains one of the best independent books of all time.

You can check out the Kickstarter and the rewards for the colorized version of Runners Volume 1 by clicking here:

Best of luck, Sean. I can’t wait to get the new colored trade in the mail!

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