A press release and some images popped into my inbox this week for the upcoming sci-fi flick Evolution War. The reason it immediately perks my interest is because it reteams director Neil Johnson and actress Tracey Birdsall who brought us last years incredible Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter. I felt like like RW:RF was made specifically just for me and loved every second of that film (check out that review here). Throw in another 90’s crush Marilyn Ghiglioti (I was always 100% Team Veronica) and I’m really excited for this flick. Evolution War seems to have a look similar to RW:RF so, in my eyes, I am in store for another kickass sci-fi adventure.  Here’s the press release:

Last week brought the breaking news of the upcoming sci-fi action thriller Evolution War from director Neil Johnson, and now we finally get a peek into the images from the film.

Tracey Birdsall, whose extensive credits just this year include the award-winning Sony release “Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter” and the romantic comedy released just two weeks ago “Who’s Jenna…?” , plays Angel-D, a hero of the great machine war who returns to Earth to discover a terrible plague has wiped out humanity in the science-fiction movie. She is forced to build an army of robots to battle creatures that are taking over the surface of the Earth.

The Neil Johnson directed EVOLUTION WAR, described as a mix of “Terminator” and “Pacific Rim” also features Marilyn Ghiglioti (“Clerks’’), Brooke Lewis (‘’Starship: Rising’’), Tony Gibbons (who previously voiced Hoagland in ‘’Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter’’), and in her first feature film – Vishani Miller.

Evolution War is set to be released late Summer 2018!

I’m excited to hear that Tracey’s new comedy Who’s Jenna…? is finally out – it’s a comedy that takes place in Jersey and involves, amongst other problems, Tracey’s apparent likeness to pornstar Jenna Jameson. I’m not sure where this flick is available but I will certainly be seeking it out.

I’ll be following Evolution War all the way up until its release so stay tuned for more information as it comes at me.  Neil, Tracey – if you are out there – I can’t wait to see what you’ve cooked up together.

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