X-Men Gold #27
Written by: Marc Guggenheim
Art by: Geraldo Borges and Arif Prianto
Published by: Marvel Comics

Reviewed by: Ryan McLelland

Maybe six or so issues back I thought X-Men Gold was on fire. Loved the team, loved the missions, loved everything. Then it all seemed to get off track a bit with the past few issues. The previous issue was decent with some of the X-Dudes throwing Colossus a bachelor party in Vegas. Colossus is then abducted which brings us right into issue #27.

The stakes have truly never felt lower. Colossus has been taken to the Savage Land where bigoted Mrs. Nance and her super awesome advanced Sentinel named Alpha have him hostage. The plot? Use Colossus to make a serum that will wipe out all mutants. Because….yawn.

To make matters easier, Kitty Pryde’s Gold team is able to locate Colossus pretty quickly and are soon in the Savage Land. So what happens? Yeah there’s like a fight or something between the X-Men team and a bunch of Sentinels where the X-Men sort of seemed overwhelmed but we all know they aren’t overwhelmed because they always beat the Sentinels and so….yawn.

Again I’ll say the stakes are low here. The plot feels very A to B to C. Colossus is kidnapped and so X-Men find out and so X-Men go to save Colossus and fight.

So let’s talk good. Geraldo Borges’ art is pretty damn amazing and makes the book look wonderful. Storm is like Thor Storm right now which I’m not sure how that happened but I don’t really care because Thor Storm is pretty damn awesome. I mean it makes sense, right? Thor is the God of Thunder. Storm kicks some ass with Thunder. So being the Goddess of Thunder is pretty awesome.

Beyond that? The issue is basically amazingly mediocre. I mean I’m sure there are worse reads in the world and I’m sure there’s much better. I just wish Guggenheim can get X-Men Gold back to the level of quality of when I started reading the title. I know the man can write – I just wish he would stop making the title feel so forced.


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