Kick-Ass #3
Written by: Mark Millar
Art by: John Romita Jr. and Peter Steigerwald
Published by: Image Comics

Reviewed by: Ryan McLelland

The stakes are raised slightly for Patience (aka the new Kick-Ass) in Kick-Ass #3 – the latest issue of the brilliant revival by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. The former military woman has been dressing up at night, taking down some bad men, and robbing them of their money.  All in good fun and a good way to help a single mother, right?

Patience already has her next target and begins to prepare for her night of crimefighting and robbing the bad guys. But the reader is offered the flip side of the coin. We are introduced to a man known as Jose “The Bull” Torres, a deadly psychotic killer who takes no shit from nobody. He also looks like he got too many tattoos on his face, but I can readily admit that the tats make The Bull look pretty badass.

We get a bit of backstory on The Bull though none of it is presented to make us empathize with this monster. It is merely presented to make the reader aware how much of a badass motherfucker The Bull truly is. Why does Millar and Romita Jr do this? Because we all know that Kick-Ass and The Bull are probably going to come together, whether they’d like to or not.

The duo do find themselves face to face though The Bull has a large crew with him and Kick-Ass is only there on her own. The worst part is Patience comes to face to face with something far worse than The Bull and quickly realizes that she may not be the only one who is over her head.

Three issues in and I am still finding this Kick-Ass reboot to be very compelling. I’ll once again point out that I never read the original comic book and my only familiarity with the character comes from Matthew Vaughn’s film. If I have to compare the movie Kick-Ass to the new Patience Kick-Ass, I just find Patience to be the character I connect with more. I am drawn into her story and already deeply care about her. What happens when a former soldier and single mother enters a world where she can be hurt and killed at any moment? It’s been very exciting to find out that answer with each and every subsequent issue.


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