Damage #4
Written by: Robert Venditti
Art by: Cary Nord and Tomeu Morey
Published by: DC Comics

Reviewed by: Ryan McLelland

I wasn’t as enamored with Damage #4 as I have been with the previous issues. The issue sees Damage going up against Poison Ivy who is a villain I’ve never particularly cared for. What can Poison Ivy do to Damage anyway? Dude just took on Wonder Woman last issue and kicked some major ass.

The story weaves between Ethan in the present and on the run, the government agents in the present that are tracking him, and Ethan’s past with the Damage Program. The issue actually shows us the moment where Ethan becomes Damage for the first time so I thought that to be pretty damn cool.

Ethan happens to be on a truck that goes to a field where Poison Ivy has  just happened to set up shop and beat up the local farmers. I mean it is a superhero book so I guess I can dig the very convenient setup. As for the fight between Damage and Poison Ivy? The issue tries to show an even bout but I’ve read the three past issues. I know what kind of damage my man Damage can do.

Tony S. Daniel is missing for this issue. It’s only issue #4 and my man needs a breather? Come on, Tony! The fill in artist is none other than Cary Nord who did wonderful things over on Valiant’s X-O Manowar title for years with Venditti. Nord’s art doesn’t disappoint and his work looks breathtaking. It’s just that I was just getting into the groove of the Venditti/Daniel creative team.

Beyond the flashbacks to the Damage Program, this issue feels a bit like a filler. To that I’ll say I don’t care…because I saw an upcoming issue cover of Damage and Swamp Thing. Whatever Venditti has to write to get me to that point, I’m more than happy to read. Damage #4 was still a great book but is just a bit under the quality of the past three issues. Still – there’s no better new DC book to pick up.


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