Red Sonja #15 (Volume #4)
Written by: Amy Chu and Erik Burnham
Art by: Carlos Gomez and Mohan
Lettered by: Simon Bowland
Covers by: Mike McKone, Carlos Gomez, Juan Doe, and Anthony Marques
Co-Executive Edited by: Joseph Rybandt and Luke Lieberman
Associated Edited by: Anthony Marques
Based on the Heroine by: Robert E. Howard
In memory of: Arthur Lieberman
Special thanks to: Shannon Kingston
Published by: Dynamite Comics

Not Reviewed by: Ryan McLelland

This record keeps spinning over and over, month after month.  We have arrived at #15 of Amy Chu’s great Red Sonja series and, once again, I refuse to review this title.  Once again I’ve listed all the people above who get credited for their role in producing Red Sonja including Red Sonja LLC’s Shannon Kingston and deceased producer Arthur Lieberman.

Once again the credits of the book have a lack of two names that should be synonymous with Red Sonja: Roy Thomas and Barry Windsor Smith. The book does mention “Based on the heroine created by Robert E. Howard” which is true.  But without Roy and Barry there would be no Red Sonja as we know her today.  They gave the world Red Sonja.  They have never given any credit nor some sort of special thanks.  Nada.  Nothing.



I think it is wrong.  I think there should be nothing wrong with just a tiny bit of recognition.  That’s it.  Why is it so difficult to just put on the damn cover “Special thanks to Roy Thomas and Barry Windsor Smith.”?????  THERE IS NO DIFFICULTY IN DOING IT.  Yet everyone has no problem crediting everyone else except the men who truly brought us one of comics greatest heroines.

So even though this issue truly deserves to be reviewed I’m not going to review it. AND I’ll continue to read the book and not review it until there is some sort of acknowledgement to the two men who really made Red Sonja what she is today.


Have no clue what I’m talking about? Learn more about Red Sonja’s creation by Thomas and Windsor Smith in the video below:

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