Mage: The Hero Denied #7
Written by: Matt Wagner
Art by: Matt Wagner and Brennan Wagner
Published by: Image Comics

Reviewed by: Ryan McLelland

By far the best issue of the series thus far, Mage: The Hero Denied #7 has Kevin Matchstick searching for a creature he is unable to catch while his entire family finds themselves in very real danger. The stakes have never been higher and, unfortunately, things aren’t going well for our friend Kevin.

I’m not truly going to review this issue because it almost feels like just saying one thing will give the plot away. What I will say is that while Kevin searches for his Questing Beast, his poor wife Magda is accosted while attending a school function for her children.   She had warned Kevin previously about putting the family at risk, but Magda’s spell from the previous issue caught the eye of someone who recognizes her as a witch.  Now Magda severely put the family at risk.  This issue is a game-changer but not in the way Kevin would have liked.

Matt Wagner has risen the stakes immensely . Issue #7 is so gorgeous and glorious in every single facet whether it be the storytelling, the artwork, and even the outstanding coloring of Brennan Wagner.  There’s some beasties from Kevin’s past that show up.  There’s some characters who look to destroy everything Kevin has.   There’s eight issues to go in this series but I’m not really sure how much lower our hero can go.

This book is brilliant and is such a beautiful swan song for one of my long time favorite series.  I’m just going to cross my fingers and hope that good will eventually conquer evil.  Because right now it looks like evil is kicking Kevin’s ass.  Even still I feel the best is yet to come.


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