Robyn Hood: The Curse #3
Written by: Chuck Dixon
Art by: Julius Abrera and Robby Bevard
Published by: Zenescope Entertainment

Reviewed by: Ryan McLelland

With the release of Robyn Hood: The Curse #3, Zenescope has solidified my thoughts that this book is one of the best horror books being published right now. The fact that it features one of Zenescope’s most famous heroines makes it all the better. On top of that it is just outstanding that Chuck Dixon is writing this book. There’s no shortage of blood, gore, and violence which still seems strange three issues in.  It really is what is making The Curse so memorable and I’m truly enjoying the results.

The plot for issue #3 brings us several different plotlines as Dixon has several irons in the fire. Marian’s missing girlfriend Sam has returned but there is something very off about her. Of course she is possessed by some supernatural interdimensional demon thing, but Sam really doesn’t know that. Well – she is really starting to suspect that her girlfriend may be in the body somewhere but there is definitely somebody else at the wheel.

As for Robyn she’s off with that douchebag from last issue, the guy who is probably part of this massive sinister plot to introduce this intergalactic evil to our world. I’m not sure why Robyn is falling for his schtick, but she does shoo him off when he gets moving a bit too quick on her. Guess Senor Villarigosa ain’t getting in those pants anytime soon. Still she’s off kissing this d-bag so I’m really shocked Robyn’s BS-meter isn’t going crazy.

The comic then goes back and forth between Sam and Marian & Robyn and Douchebag. There’s some magic, there’s some police questioning, and there’s a girl prancing around in her underwear. So there is truly something here for everybody.

This issue also sees the return of the two geeks who are still walking the streets. Homeboy with the mask keeps talking about Comic Con so I’m guessing this adventure is occurring during SDCC. I love these two guys. I find them hilarious even though they only pop up in each issue for just a few panels. I’d love to see some Zenescope one-shot starring the geeks where they are mixed up in an adventure with Robyn Hood, Van Helsing, and Mystere. Someone at Zenescope should make that happen. I have no problem co-writing this geek book with Chuck Dixon so just hit me up, Zenescope.

I’m not really sure what else I can say about this book that I haven’t already said in the previous two reviews. Abrera’s art is incredible, gory, and creepy. Dixon’s writing is outstanding and he really hooks you into this book while taking it in directions that I’ve personally never read or seen in a Robyn Hood comic. It truly makes a simple miniseries like The Curse into an event which is very much worth reading. The story’s great but I just can’t wait to see whose skin gets ripped off their body next. A sentence I never thought I’d write about a Robyn Hood title. But The Curse is certainly full of surprises which is why it is one of my must read books.


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