Vengeance, Nevada #1
Written by: B.J. Mendelson
Art by: Piotr Czaplarski
Published by: Earth’s Temporary Solution

Reviewed by: Ryan McLelland

I’m going to be honest here: the first time I read through Vengeance, Nevada #1  I was pretty puzzled by the plot and thought it was a bit uneven.  If I just wrote a review at that point, it may have received a pretty low rating. I didn’t write the review right away and a few days later something was bugging me. What was I not grasping?!?

So I went back and read Vengeance, Nevada again. I was still a bit confused but I went back a couple times as I read, rereading pages I read as I moved forward. I discovered something by reading the book this way. What I discovered is that this first issue is very layered. On top of that, writer B.J. Mendelson isn’t shoving exposition down our throats.   So what it comes down to is I wasn’t paying too much attention as I read. I failed to pick up the cues. Problem isn’t the comic. Problem is I am used to the pointless exposition of most comics.  Vengeance, Nevada – 1 , Ryan – 0.

The crux of the story revolves around Kristen Jacobs – a sheriff out in the middle of nowhere. Kristen is enjoying the perks of being a law officer where nothing really happens. She lives a happy life with her husband Jake and her son. So what can upset this balance?

First – her husband isn’t who she thinks he is. She thinks he’s just a lowly guy who works in insurance. But he’s actually a bit more of….a bad guy if you get my comic book nod. The second is the arrival of this womanly supernatural creature who comes upon Katelyn’s car. Katelyn’s just out there in the desert and here is this freaky woman. She’s especially freaky because this is a black and white comic book except this character is in full color. It’s a good storytelling effect put to great use.

She chases after this creature which looks like a mixture of an IndianChief and the Predator. A good portion of the issue is then dedicated to the repercussions of this action.  If you are expecting some epic cop vs mystical creature battle then you are out of luck.  Why?   Because the book becomes a lot deeper then a “STOP OR I’LL SHOOT!” scenario nor into some Arnold Schwarzenegger scream into the night while holding a makeshift torch.

By the time the issue shifts to the last few pages we are treated to more characters who seem to know more than the reader.   By the time the book ends we all sit here wondering what is next. What is this team of people we have been just introduced to going to do?  I wondered this the first time I read through but was really rewarded with some of the answers upon multiple reads of the issue.

So what my verdict without trying to give too much away?  I think this book is extremely well done with an interesting plot. You can’t just blow through the issue and be done with it. You have to think about what you’ve read as the lines are blurred between mystery comic, horror comic, and superhero comic.  Vengeance, Nevada #1 sucks you right in and brings us a whole new level to the average superhero comic. Final verdict?  Pick it up. Very much worth the read and only hope that the next chapter isn’t too far away.


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