Angelica Reigns #1
Written by: Brian Hawkins
Art by: Federico Sabbatini and Chiara Miriade
Published by: SFC Comics / Evoluzione Publishing

Reviewed by: Ryan McLelland

Angelica Reigns #1 follows the titular character as she goes about her normal life. I mean as normal as a young gorgeous woman with magical powers can be. Following a job interview, she meets up with a guy and off they go on a wonderful first date. The date goes off so well that dude invites Angelica in.  Plans to sneak her past his parents. Get a little one-on-one team in his room. Good for you, guy.

Except when homeboy opens the door it is like a scene out of a horror movie. Blood. Guts. Gore. It looks like Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers teamed up and murdered a house full of sorority girls. Even worse, those who committed the crime are still there. Why? Because they are looking for one person: The Dark One. Worse off? The Dark One is Angelica Reigns.

Is this super cute millennial with no job who happens to have magical powers The Dark One? The evil cult after her believe so. Except this evil cult, who have no qualms about killing, don’t seem to be that evil. They are following the light as it guides them to kill The Dark One. I guess killing is okay as long as rids the world of evil incarnate.

We learn a lot about Angelica as she goes on to battle these cult people and where her magic comes from. Is she really The Dark One? Do these idiots have the wrong person and are killing innocents for no good reason? I guess that is all part of the fun in reading this series.

While I am unfamiliar with writer Brian Hawkins work, I will say that he wrote a very fun issue with a plot that pretty much drew me in from the start. Even before we meet Angelica we meet this evil cult and when it is revealed that maybe they aren’t so evil, it really throws in an interesting twist. This is especially evident when we meet cute and bubbly Angelica. She’s more of the ‘I want to take her home to meet my parents’ type then the ‘I’m going to kill EVERYONE’ kind of girl.

Artist Federico Sabbatini provides Angelica Reigns’ gorgeous art and this is perhaps the biggest standout of the book. Sabbatini’s artwork really reminds me of one of my favorite artists Humberto Ramos so seeing an entire book with Ramoseque artwork drew me in quite quickly. Something tells me that Sabbatini won’t be drawing independent books for too long.

Overall Angelica Reigns #1 is a blast from start to end and this first issue is a slam dunk in both writing and artwork. There are lots of good surprises at every turn and things are totally not what they seem which is great. Once you start reading it’ll be hard for you to put down.


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