Grimm Fairy Tales: Tarot #5
Written by: Joe Brusha
Art by: Renato Rei, Grostieta, and Valentina Cuomo
Published by: Zenescope Comics

Reviewed by: Ryan McLelland

Oh my God I love this book.  It just gets better and better and better with each passing issue.  It feels like I’ve been reading this series for years but really it all started with that Robyn Hood: Tarot one-shot that came out way back in June of last year.  Tarot feels like it has been building towards something huge and I’m not sure if this is coming to pass or if everything is just going to be resolved in the last issue of Tarot.  Either way I’m fine.  I’m along for the ride.  And this ride?  This is one fantastic ride.

There’s a ton of action in issue 5 as the last issue had the Queen of Swords show up with her legion of ugly green orc guys to kill Jericho the Chosen One, Shimmer the ultra hot badass, and a bunch of monks.  If you don’t know who the Queen of Swords is I’ll just say that if you see her show up you pretty much know that everyone is going to die.  So how can one stop a killing machine?  I guess that is part of the fun of this book as about one-third of this issue is dedicated to this fight.  Leave it to Zenescope to have some woman cutting off heads being super sexy.

I’m just going to stop right here and shoutout Renato Rei.  This man’s art is fantastic.  He is the perfect artist to draw this book and probably every title at Zenescope (along with Allan Otero…!!!).  Zenescope’s formula has always been gorgeous women kicking ass but Rei may be at the top of the class in getting this accomplished.  Out of all of Zenescope’s books out right now, his artwork may possibly be unparalleled.

So if one-third of this book is a huge fight what is the rest of the book about?  Well I’m not going to spoil but the intrigue, backstabbing, cunning, and trickery between all the houses continues.  Like a gorgeous comic book soap opera everyone has their own master plan and the reader is just kicking back to see who is going to come out victorious in the end.

Does Jericho even stand a chance against the Emperor, all of his lackeys, or anyone else?  Because it really feels like evil is going to win here.  No matter how good Jericho is, these bad guys are just really bad ass.  The last five pages of this book really brings these thoughts to fruition.  If there is a battle who is going to win?  If there is a winner, is that winner really the winner?  Does all of the intrigue and plotting in the background really come to the forefront?  You bet your ass.  The end of this issue is a shotgun to the gut.  It is the perfect way to go into the end of this series.  Be prepared for some blood and violence because the end is nigh.

Again – I’m not so sure what writer Joe Brusha’s end game is here.  Does Tarot #6 just end the series and not lead into some badass war that should totally happen?  I’m going to say probably.  I think there should totally be this badass Grimm Fairy Tales War but I’m sure some more calm resolution will happen to end the series and we’ll see our characters go off.  Thinking about the ending is almost as fun as reading #5.  I can’t wait to see what happens regardless of what happens.


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