Green Lanterns #42
Written by: Tim Seeley
Art by: V. Ken Marion, Sandu Florea, and Dinei Ribeiro
Published by: DC Comics

Reviewed by: Ryan McLelland

Out of the two Green Lantern books it truly felt like, up to this point, the Hal Jordan title is the “true” Green Lantern comic while Green Lanterns kind of felt like a B-team of sorts.  No offense to Cruz or Simon because they are two characters I’m really just getting to know.  I’m only three issues in to Green Lanterns but #42 really kicked this story into high gear.

Simon and Cruz are doing everything they can to retrieve the missing Earth superheroes.  It looks like cosmic politics quickly come into play when the GL’s learn the missing heroes may be on a planet that the GL’s can’t just storm into.  I mean they are Cosmic Cops so can’t they just go where they want to?  It doesn’t seem so and if Simon and Cruz want to go to this planet they have to play by this planet’s rules.  Go in, collect evidence, then kick some butt.

What does that mean?  Every cops dream!  UNDERCOVER, BABY!

So Simon and Cruz get on a star freighter and zip towards the Horsehead Nebula in a scene that really came off Padme and Anakinish from Attack of the Clones.  I’ve learned a lot about Simon and Cruz over these three issues.  About who they are.  About what they want.  What is really driving Simon Baz in this rescue mission.  What Jessica Cruz learns about herself and what she may truly desire.  Oh it’s perfect.  It’s oh so perfect.  Two heroes undercover in some alien sex slave world ruled by religious zealots?  Sounds like the perfect place to be for two Green Lanterns.

Does everything go as planned?  Of course it doesn’t.  Because you really can’t plan for what the two GL’s are going into.  Do they make it there?  Do they find the evidence?  Do they just arrest everyone and go back to Earth for some pina coladas?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  I’m going to go with probably not.  But there is certainly some movement in their mission and their mission gets a hell of a lot tougher.  Then Tim Seeley really kicks you in the nuts with the last page.  Hell of a way to end an issue.

I will say that Scrapps really grew on me in this issue.  The GL’s have had her along for a few issues and the pissed off intergalactic con-woman is pretty aggravated that this planet is just capturing people and selling them off to the highest bidder.  Scrapps joins the GL’s in their fight and does one hell of a job keeping up with them, if not surpassing them since she seems to be able to go where she wants with ease.  I’m unfamiliar with Scrapps as it looks like her first appearance was only a few years ago, but she grew on me pretty damn quick.  Makes me want to go read some Omega Men.

So Green Lanterns #42 pretty much proved to me that Cruz and Simon aren’t the B-team.  Just because Hal or Kyle or Guy aren’t starring in this book doesn’t mean that these two GL’s aren’t badass.  Because they are.  They are also pretty damn refreshing.  I’m enjoying learning about the duo and how they really work well as a team.  A Green Lantern book is a pretty easy sell to a guy like me because I love the concept.  I’d probably collect 6000 issues of a Ch’p series if DC published one.  But just because it is an easy sell doesn’t mean I have to like it.  Tim Seeley really proves that he can really kickass with Green Lanterns.  Along with Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps, the duo really make one hell of a one-two punch.  I can’t wait to see how this storyline wraps up.


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