Savage Dragon #232
Written by: Erik Larsen
Art by: Erik Larsen and Nikos Koutsis
Published by: Image Comics

Reviewed by: Ryan McLelland

After returning to the series just a few issues ago, Savage Dragon #232 is the issue that finally bowled me over. Maybe it is because I’m finally getting used to where the storyline is, where the characters are, and, in some cases, who the characters are. Regardless if the title is always good and I just had to reacclimate myself or if Erik Larsen just pumped out one fantastic issue, I’m glad to see at least one of the storylines finally moving forward.

That storyline is the Ladies of Dimension X who finally aren’t fighting every single second of their lives for their lives. Angel, Jennifer, and Alex have been saved by Michael Dragon, son of Rapture, who fought off his Mom and her legion of monsters to save the women. The women finally find some clothes and finally have a second to rest.

The early pages of the book flipflop between the Dimension X storyline and the Canada storyline as the previous books have done. So it is usually two pages of Canada, a page of Dimension X, two pages of Canada, a page of Dimension X, and so on. Finally Dimension X just stops and the rest of the issue focuses on Malcolm. It’s not that this doesn’t work because the comic reads fine. I just wonder if five pages of Canada, then all the Dimension X pages, then the rest of the book would flow a bit better. It may be just a silly point but the book just feels sporadic until the point where it focuses on Canada. But Larsen has been telling this story for 200+ issues so who am I to argue with genius?

After getting his ass whooped in the previous issue, Malcolm returns home having to deal with his kids acting crazy, the cameramen from his reality show egging the kids on, his super horny wife, and another bad guy wrecking havoc in the Great White North. Except this bad guy, known as The Wraith, is one I can completely empathize with. Dragon goes into battle with the guy because that’s what superhero dragon guys do. But while The Wraith is a baddie he has reasons for doing what he’s doing that I like to call “street justice.”

Of course Dragon isn’t hearing any of it so we find ourselves in a brawl with a guy with superhuman strength and a dude who has Kitty Pryde powers. The brawl is pretty well done except for the resolution which is absolutely dynamite. It may be one of the greatest issue enders of all time. Not just Savage Dragon but almost any comic of the last 80 years. I was disgusted and delighted by what happens and was pretty much like, “Wow – that is one ballsy move, Erik.”

Overall Savage Dragon #232 is a fantastic issue. I really do think I’m just finding my groove with the comic, but I’m glad to finally be back in sync with one of my favorite books. This issue has a bit of everything from good guys to bad guys to family life to topical issues to science fiction. I think I’m back to the point where Savage Dragon will be my first read on NCBD. Nothing makes me happier.


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