Thanos #18
Written by: Donny Cates
Art by: Geoff Shaw and Antonio Fabela
Published by: Marvel Comics

Reviewed by: Ryan McLelland

I care very little about a Thanos comic book. Since I just starting reading comics from The Big Two again just a couple months ago, I’ve been picking up and trying titles that feature characters I know and love. Thanos? I love Thanos when Jim Starlin wrote him. But a Thanos series by Donny Cates? Why should I care?

Suddenly last month all hell broke loose. EVERYONE was talking about Thanos #17 and I’d say it was a very WTF moment. This is because present day Thanos is brought into the future where Future Thanos rules the galaxy. He’s killed everyone. Him and his lackey Cosmic Ghost Rider. Then the revelation was made that Cosmic Ghost Rider was none other than the Punisher himself: Frank Castle.

So yeah – I got SUPER curious about this Thanos series very quickly. The next issue was #18 and I picked it right up to see this Frank Castle Cosmic Ghost Rider Guy. It was a wise decision because this issue is pretty much the origin of how Frank Castle became the Frank Castle Cosmic Ghost Rider Guy.

That origin includes Thanos invading Earth and Earth’s Mightiest Heroes all failing to stop him. The Earth is decimated. Punisher makes a deal he shouldn’t and, once again, a new Ghost Rider is born. Problem is the Earth is decimated so Ghost Rider starts to go a bit crazy. This is really where the fun begins.

There’s several more steps between Castle becoming Ghost Rider and finally becoming this super powerful being working for Thanos in the far future. It truly is one fantastic ride for Frank Castle even if the whole idea behind this crazy origin seems a bit…crazy.

I’m still not sold totally sold on this Thanos series but I will say I enjoyed Donny Cates’ script quite a bit. I’m not sure how much leeway he’s given for his story but it seems quite a bit was given. Obviously the Marvel Universe isn’t going anywhere. They aren’t going to kill every hero, cancel every title, and just publish Thanos. I mean they could…but there would be an #1 every other month. Maybe multiple titles? The Sensational Thanos? The Fantastic Thanos? Thanos-Ham? Thanos the Last Ninja? The All New Thanos Avengers?

So obviously carte blanche is given because these events will never come to pass. Still it was fun learning about Castle’s Ghost Rider “origin.” It’s all a bit silly but I never really mind silly. It’ll be interesting to see where this title goes, especially as we are getting closer to May when Thanos invades our movie theaters. I’ll come back and read more, Donny. Keep making the comics this good and you’ll definitely make a new fan. Because the last page of this issue blew me away. I can’t wait to see what #19 has in store for us all.


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