The Terrifics #1
Written by: Jeff Lemire
Art by: Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, and Marcelo Maiolo
Published by: DC Comics

Reviewed by: Ryan McLelland

I went into The Terrifics #1 hoping it would be terrific but I came away not so happy. I haven’t been a big fan of the Dark Nights: Metal miniseries as the whole series seems way convoluted and makes me feel like I’m only getting half the story. Maybe if I picked up each and every one of the 647 tie-in issues I’d have a better grasp. Beyond all of that I was just hoping The Terrifics #1 would kick some butt because (a) I’ve enjoyed some other new titles springing out from Dark Nights: Metal like The Silencer and Damage and (b) it has Plastic Man. I love Plastic Man.

The big problem I felt with The Terrifics #1 is the same that I have with the Dark Nights: Metal. The comic just felt a bit disjointed and the storytelling a tad muddled. Maybe that’s the way it is supposed to feel?  I mean – I love Metamorpho and Plastic Man so I’m happy to read a series with them. But I wasn’t thrilled with this book overall.

The story has Mr. Terrific having to visit Stagg, the man who bought all of Terrific’s crap while he was off having an adventure in Dark Nights: Metal. Stagg’s having a good ol’ time messing with Terrific’s machinery especially one that opens a door to the Dark Multiverse. Unfortunately for Stagg he was able to open up that door but has no clue how to close it. Metamorpho is there chained up and Plastic Man is off in some container in what I consider being held captive by Mr. Terrific (and, unknowingly, Stagg).

The hopes is that Plastic Man will be able to close the Dark Multiverse portal but Mr. Terrific, Metamorpho, and Plastic Man all get sucked into the void. Once there we have some plentiful dialogue as the characters recap past events including Plastic Man’s imprisoning. So once out in the Dark Mulitiverse there are creatures to fight and some super hot female superhero that is just floating around. Because that’s what super hot female superheroes do when in the Dark Multiverse – wait for some male superheroes to finally save them.  Lucky there are men around!!!

There’s more plot but I’m not going to sit here and spoil anything. Let’s just say that there’s a ton of gabbing, some fighting, some exposition, some I don’t really care, and one hell of a last page that really makes me want to read #2. So even though I wasn’t crazy about The Terrifics #1 I really, really, really, really, really need to read the next issue. This is Jeff Lemire’s evil plot. I know it. Just to mess with my mind.

It’s not that this book is awful like you get ten pages in and just throw it in the recycling bin. I just wasn’t really too impressed which is a shame when you are trying to kick off a new superhero team book. Will their adventures in the Dark Multiverse become super exciting? Well, after the last page, I’m going to say probably.  I sure hope so.

So I found the book average. I thought Ivan Reis’ artwork was fairly kickass. I do think that this book has some true potential so I am more than happy to stick with it for a couple more issues.  If it doesn’t rock? Maybe then I can finally get that Plastic Man / Enlongated Man team-up book: THE STRETCHERS. What? A guy can dream, can’t he?


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