Van Helsing Vs. Robyn Hood #3
Story by: Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco, & Dave Franchini
Written by: Joe Brusha
Art by: Allan Otero and Leonardo Paciarotti
Published by: Zenescope Entertainment

Reviewed by: Ryan McLelland

I haven’t been too crazy about this Van Helsing Vs. Robyn Hood miniseries.  I said so in my review of the first issue and, as it turns out, I didn’t even review the second issue.  I’m okay with that as I wasn’t too impressed with that issue either.  I am going to say that issue #3 really picks up the pace of this book and does bring the excitement it was lacking.

The premise of these two friends fighting is that Robyn Hood has been injected with some vampire serum that made her into Super Killer Vampire Robyn Hood (I’d KILL for this action figure).  Van Helsing has been tracking Robyn, trying to figure out a way to save her friend and reverse this vampire super serum.  Robyn has been having a good ol’ time killing everything in her path and doesn’t seem like she really cares.

So Liesel is kicking it with Doc Igor who is trying to produce a antidote serum for this deadly designer vampire drug.  Now all they need is a guinea pig, right?  Who better than Robyn Hood!?!?!  The duo set out to find her only to find a massive amount of bodies.  They head into the sewers and don’t really like what they find.  Robyn’s down there but not the Robyn we all know and love.

Meanwhile the story continues for Von – the dude who has his own vampire coven and is pretty much creating all of these fake-yet-real vampires.  His story isn’t really too interesting but I guess 24 pages of just Robyn fighting Van Helsing wouldn’t have been all that interesting either.  So it brings a kinda needed break to the story.  At least Von’s kickass green haired vampire assassin is super awesome.

This issue really amps up the blood and gore.  Not as much as its sister series Robyn Hood: The Curse (which has been AMAZZZZZZZING) but I was surprised to see as much as there was in this book.  It always takes a couple of issues for Van Helsing to get to who she is “versing”, but a fight between the duo does happen here.  It really had to as this is only a 4 issue miniseries and needs to wrap up by next issue.

Again – I was surprised that I dug the issue after not truly enjoying the last two.  Overall I still think this story feels a bit forced and I think Zenescope only doing four issues of the book proves that while it may have been a decent idea to pit these two together, they weren’t devoting many issues to tell this tale.

Allan Otero continues to kill it with the artwork.  The man is quickly becoming one of my favorite artists and I’m pretty certain at this point that I’ll buy any book he draws based on his name alone.  He has some truly gorgeous pages here and colorist Leonardo Paciarotti must have had a great time bringing these pencils to life.

Overall I can say that I can recommend this issue.  It is far superior to the last two.  I’m just hoping that the next issue doesn’t wrap everything up in a cute little bow.  I’m figuring that Robyn Hood has to revert back to a human next issue (as she also is not a vampire over in The Curse) but it was truly fun seeing her battle it out with Van Helsing here in issue #3.


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