Summit #3
Written by: Amy Chu
Art by: Jan Duursema and Paul Mounts
Published by: Lion Forge Comics

Reviewed by: Ryan McLelland

Summit #2 was my first Catalyst Prime book which I picked up based on the cover alone. I thought the issue was great and really liked that we have two female collaborators, writer Amy Chu and artist Jan Duursema, writing a powerful female character. I then picked up Summit #1, a few issue of Incidentals, and the last issue of Kino. I was really impressed. I’m going to give perhaps the best compliment I can ever give: the Catalyst Prime books feel like those early Valiant Comics books from the nineties. There’s just a quality to these books that almost feel magical. Like every issue of every series is special. NOW – I know there’s more series that I haven’t read it but hopefully I’ll get to those shortly.

Back to Summit where issue #3 has Val, her ex J.B., and a group of MIT eggheads trying to figure out how they can to help a little girl lost in a jungle in Peru. Her parents were killed in a plane crash but Fiona survived, only to find herself being hunted by some sinister folks who are looking specifically for her. Fiona has a dying cell phone and is able to contact her father’s friends who now sit in a MIT lab trying to figure out how to help her.

They all just come up with one solution. Dress up Val in a prototype supersuit, fly her to Peru, and drop her into the jungle. As Val has these mysterious new powers she can hopefully take care of herself, take on any evildoers, and find Fiona. Val tries to hone her powers before she goes so she can feel a bit more comfortable with them, then parachutes into the jungle. Will she find Fiona? Will the killers out there take Val out? Are Val’s powers powerful enough to take on any and all comers?

There’s a good flow to the book. It feels very old school and I don’t mean that in a bad way. It just has a feel – like those comics I really enjoyed so many years ago. It’s gorgeous storytelling with Amy Chu doing a bang-up job. Once again I’ll compliment the creative team here. I like that we have a strong female character who is smart, powerful, and sexy. I love that she’s gay but it is just a piece of the storytelling and not something that is shoved down the reader’s throats. It really doesn’t matter if she’s gay or straight, Val is who she is – and who is she is a badass with brand new superpowers.

I really like Summit and can’t wait to see Val grow as a character. I also can’t wait to read more of the Catalyst Prime universe and see how Val interacts within that world. Summit is an addictive experience that has me already looking forward to the next issue moments after finishing the latest one.


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