Reviewed by: Ryan McLelland

I had never heard of Accident Man and only learned about the film when reading Amy Johnston’s Twitter a number of weeks ago. I became an instant fan of Johnston after watching Lady Bloodfight and now want to see the actress in every single movie she’s in. Once I read up on Accident Man, and learned that it starred Scott Adkins, I was in.

Scott Adkins is one dynamic actor and one hell of a martial artist. He’s starring movies at the wrong time. If Adkins was around in the late 80s and early 90s he would be a household name. But as the days of Stallone, Van Damme, and Seagal are long gone and the days of superhero films are here, Adkins doesn’t get the recognition he truly deserves. It’s a damn shame because Accident Man is one hell of an amazing film. It has a superb cast, a great script, the action sequences blew me away, and, best of all, it actually IS a comic book film!

The film revolves around assassin Mike Fallon (Adkins) – a hitman who kills people but makes it look like accidents. It almost is an art form for Fallon. Fallon is part of a crew that includes Big Ray (Ray Stevenson), Jane the Ripper (Amy Johnston), and partners Mick and Mac (Michael Jai White and Ray Park). The jobs come down from Milton (David Paymer) who then assigns an assassin to the job. The assassins never know who the client is. They just kill somebody and get paid.

It’s a great system until Fallon’s ex-girlfriend shows up dead. Initially it was thought that junkies broke into her flat and killed her, but Fallon figures out that it wasn’t junkies. It was actually someone from his crew. His girlfriend had left Fallon for Charlie (Ashley Greene) who planned on bringing up a baby together. Which turns out was also Fallon’s baby that he didn’t know about.  So now Fallon is really pissed off.

Fallon then interrogates and beats the crap out of some of his crew while continuing to dig into his ex’s murder. It then comes to the next target being Fallon himself and the entire Big Ray crew is sent out to kill Fallon. What comes next? All out war. Glorious violence.  It’s beautiful.

The film is an amazing mix of action and martial arts. There are some killer martial artists here as Adkins, Johnston, Park, and White are all very accomplished. White is looking a little slower these days but he is still a badass regardless. Johnston wasn’t in the film as much as I would have liked but the action scenes she performs with Adkins are unbelievable. It had me screaming aloud at the screen as I watched.  I think I’d pay good money to see these two spar in real life.

As I noted – Accident Man is a comic book film. It is based on the comics by Pat Mills and Tony Skinner which ran in the Toxic! Anthology before appearing here in a Dark Horse Comics miniseries in the nineties. I was unfamiliar with the character and the books though, after this movie, I may have to run out and see if the comics are anywhere as good as the film.

I’m usually not a big fan of flashbacks within a film that tells “the origin” of a character but there is a sequence where Fallon is a teen that was just fantastic. I really could have watched an entire movie with this young actor being trained to kill. It was superb and I felt disappointment (just for a moment) when the film reverted back to the present day.

Adkins killed it in this movie. Johnston as well. I mean ….you know what….everyone killed it. It was such a fantastically fun film. A tiny bit of humor just sprinkled here and there with intense action scenes. If you are a fan of comic, action, or martial arts film you need to see this film. YOU NEED TO. Actually, in writing this review, I think I’m going to wrap it up and watch it again right now. Why not? Watching Johnston kicking Adkins’ ass sounds like a great way to end my Sunday.  Accident Man is a perfect film.  Perfect fight scenes.  Perfect plot.  Perfect direction.  Perfect actors.  It is perfection.


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