Green Lanterns #41
Written by: Tim Seeley
Art by: Barnaby Bagenda, Tom Derenick, Mick Gray, and Ulises Arreola
Published by: DC Comics

Reviewed by: Ryan McLelland

I really enjoyed the last issue of Green Lanterns, which was my first issue and first introduction to GL’s Simon and Cruz. It was the kickoff of the the story arc Superhero Trafficking where superheroes using a dating FOR superheroes were disappearing. The GL duo have headed into space with Scrapps, an alien woman selling illegal tech on Earth that they’ve arrested. Simon and Cruz are hoping that Scrapps will help them in their search to recover these minor superheroes that have up and disappeared.

Scrapps takes our GL’s to a place called Hellhole where the investigation continues. It seems this town looks like the cantina scene from Star Wars but with a bunch of alien badasses who love to kill AND use dating apps. Yup it seems that there’s all kinds of alien tech all around the universe but this dating app is all over the universe as well?!? This was a plot point that really had me saying WTF.

I don’t know what my hangup is but it’s weird. It is suspension of disbelief. I can believe in a world of heroes where aliens absorb sunlight for amazing powers, where a man who dresses up like a bat gets all my press, where an Amazon can run around in skimpy armor fighting crime, and little men give out green power rings that can make anyone a space cop. For some odd reason I can buy all of that…but I don’t buy that there is a popular cell phone dating app that is used throughout the universe. This is my hangup and I realize that, but I guess it is what it is.

The GL’s start out disguised on Hellhole but it quickly goes to pot, the two reveal their identities, and the town full of badasses attack. It doesn’t take too long for them all to find out that no matter how badass they think they are, the Green Lanterns may be a bit more badass. The book gets pretty exciting from here on out with some amazing action sequences. The audience also learns just a tiny more about the kidnappings and the larger role they may play.

I’ll admit that the first two pages had some great revelations on why it was important for GL Simon to take on this case of the disappearing heroes.  The part on the spaceship was a bit boring but once we hit Hellhole, and the shit hits the fan, the issue became quite exhilarating.

For the most part I’m really digging Tim Seeley’s plot.  I have a feeling that since Simon and Cruz are lesser known GL’s, Seeley is able to take them to places where we may not be able to take Hal or John.  They seem smart and confident but there’s a bit of naïveté to them.  I like that.  Barnaby Bagenda’s artwork is rocking it and the dude is a talent.  Seeley and Bagenda, joined by artist Tom Derenick, really make a great team and both the story and the art make me want to continue with Green Lanterns.  This one also has a slight cliffhanger ending that leaves the reader thirsty for more, so I can’t wait to see what Part 3 of Superhero Trafficking takes us.


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