Death of Love #1
Written by: Justin Jordan
Art by: Donal Delay, Omar Estevez, and Felipe Sobreiro
Published by: Image Comics

Reviewed by: Ryan McLelland

If Evil Dead’s Ash was a hipster who attended a School for Scoundrels type seminar in an attempt to become more of a “bad boy” only to find himself hunting down a bunch of Cupids (thereby killing love itself) then you have Death of Love #1, an amazing new Image book from writer Justin Jordan..

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover and I call bullshit when it comes to Death to Love. Hipsters, chainsaws, Cupids. When you open the book you are thrown right into the action as main character Philo has his chainsaw revved ready to slaughter these cherubic angels of love.

The story then moves back to before Philo started his love slaughter. The dude is living a normal life which means he’s totally invisible to Zoe, the girl he likes. Philo decides to drag his best friend Bob to a seminar hosted by your average party dude douchenozzle who probably has the date rape drug delivered to his house in bulk.  The seminar?  How to land the ladiiiiiies.

Bob decides to leave but Philo and a few other guys from the seminar hit a local bar trying to mack on some of the ladies. The attempts are pretty futile and the self-confidence from the seminar quickly turns into self loathing.

It is then when a mystery man appears offering Philo and his group some love pills. At first they aren’t taking any weird drug from some weirdo but the more drunk they get, the stupider they become. Philo decides to take a pill and….and this brings us right back to the plot of the story.

This book is brilliant. I’m sure most can relate to the subject matter (loving someone who ignores your love or choosing not to return it) and the rest of this scrappy action adventure horror comic shows love what can happen when you mess with the wrong dude.

I like that Philo is just not your average nice guy. He starts off that way but you see him making some decisions that may not be the best and now he’s out killing for the sake of love (or in spite of it).  Donal Delay’s art is perfect for this book and I can’t wait to see some more hardcore action sequences from him in later issues. I have no clue where Death of Love is going but I’m so glad I’m going to be along for the ride.

Death of Love #1 is a truly wacky and wonderful world. Love isn’t dead but Philo won’t let that stand in his way. I think love has it coming and I’m happy that he is finally taking those cute cherubic bastards down.


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