I’ve never heard of Ruth Koleva before yesterday when I got an e-mail in my inbox.  It was a press release that was talking about her upcoming album and her brand new single.  The press release stated:

Today, Bulgarian singer-songwriter Ruth Koleva announced her sophomore album Confidence. Truth set for release on 3/30. She’s also shared a new single “I Don’t Know Why” with Blackbook- a highly evocative track that grooves like vintage Jamiroquai or Brand New Heavies.

And I’m like….WHAT?  Back up and wait a minute?  You are telling me this singer has a new song that sounds like vintage Jamiroquai – my total fave band ever?!?!?!  And like the Brand New Heavies?  So I’m doubtful.  I called some bullshit.  Then I went over to listen to the track.  And?

IT SOUNDS JUST LIKE SOME VINTAGE JAMIROQUAI.  With some acid jazz shades of that early Brand New Heavies N’Dea Davenport.  It seems that Confidence.Truth is Ruth’s second album so I have some homework to do before Confidence.Truth is released.  But honestly I’m blown away.  Her voice is stunning and the music is fabulous.  If the whole album is like this song then Confidence.Truth will be the first must own album of 2018.  It is something to make a statement like “sounds like vintage Jamiroquai and Brand New Heavies.”  It is another thing to actually deliver.

Ruth?  I love you.  Where have you been all of my life?

I’ll be back with a review of Confidence.Truth the second I get my grubby little hands on it.

Find more Ruth Koleva at: ruthkoleva.com

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