Mage: The Hero Denied #6
Written by: Matt Wagner
Art by: Matt Wagner and Brennan Wagner
Published by: Image Comics

Reviewed by: Ryan McLelland

Mage: The Hero Denied #6 kicks off the second act of the series as we basically start counting down to what I assume is the end of this tale. Will Kevin find the Fisher King? Will he defeat the Umbra Sprite? Will he be able to keep his family safe?

Kevin has long been on this mission but what is great about Mage is that everything always doesn’t come together smoothly. He’s a great warrior but his journey has been going on for years. It almost feels like Kevin could fail (thus The Hero Denied) and his mission could possibly fall to his children to complete his legacy. That would actually be one hell of an ending.

The issue has Kevin trying to find a lurking Questing Beast. The beast can probably lead him to the Fisher King. Joe Phat is in the house and could help Kevin but he just splits instead. Kevin is truly on his own. Even though he is on his own Kevin has his wife to point him in the right direction and some new friends to help him on his way.

Still the Umbra Sprite is planning something huge though that is even a bit slow going. Issue #6 has a lot of this type of story – a slow buildup to what is to come. It’s not slow, tedious, or boring. It’s just great storytelling.  Wagener makes it feel that after 30+ years there is still much more to explore in this world that we haven’t gotten to read yet.

I love that fantasy creatures can lurk behind every corner and that evil can hide right out in plain sight. There is danger everywhere for Kevin and his family. It doesn’t give me a good feeling. It really feels like something bad is in store for us all. I guess we just have to believe in Kevin (and Matt Wagner) to ultimately save the day.


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