Titans #20
Written by: Dan Abnett
Art by: Paul Pelletier, Andrew Hennessy, and Adriano Lucas
Published by: DC Comics

Reviewed by: Ryan McLelland

As Doomsday Clock drew me right back into the world of DC Comics I’ve been reading everything I can to try and find what I like and don’t like. It hasn’t been easy coming back after feeling the burn from The New 52, but I’ve found some great titles. I’ve always loved Teen Titans but when I saw Titans #20 I said to myself, “Hmmmm, guess they are all growns up.  No more Teen.” Then I saw the name Abnett. Yup – my man Dan Abnett. Instant purchase.

The cover is a bit misleading. The costumes of the Titans are thrown to the side and all the Titans are walking away in civilian clothes. “The Titans are finished!” Grayson exclaims. I assumed this would be a tale of how this team is breaking up. But in reading the issue I found that I was very wrong.

The Titans already are apart at the start of this issue. The ish really focuses on Roy Harper – who is called Arsenal but I still refuse to call him that. He’s Speedy. That’s the best codename. I don’t care what you call him. To me he’ll always be Roy or Speedy. When I hear Arsenal I think I’m going to watch some football. His look? My God it is bad. Now I still rock the backwards baseball cap so I’m not one to talk, but Speedy has this kickass costume that he polishes off with some horrible orange safety glasses and a backwards baseball cap. My God man – you need to see Edna Mode, STAT!

Roy is getting his butt whooped when superhottie bad gal Cheshire shows up to save the day. The duo take down the well armored dudes who have been kicking Speedy’s butt. Then? Then they get into civilian clothes and go out for ramen. Then they kick more butt and then hang out some more. They may no longer be “Teen” Titans but this all feels very 12th grade. There’s a method to Cheshire’s madness that I won’t get into. Let’s just hope Roy didn’t get the codename Speedy for a reason.

Donna Troy and Dick Grayson get appearances in the book but it almost feels like obligatory cameos. Like they show up so we can see Donna and Dick and then they are gone. Right back to Speedy. As this issue’s title is “Titans Apart – Part One” I’m quite sure there is a method to Dan Abnett’s madness.

The comic was okay but I’ve just never been a big Speedy fan (Except that one cover when Green Arrow is shocked Roy is on the junk. What a classic cover.) and this issue does little to win me over. He really seems like a chump and is played as such. I guess the point of all of this will be the Titans fall apart alone and are better together. That will probably be the moral.

As a starting point for reading the Titans, I’m kind of wishing I didn’t start off on issue #20. An almost all Roy issue wasn’t thrilling except to see how Abnett is just messing with this poor guy. I think he deserves it. The hat?  Ugh.  Dude get a hood like everyone else. How will the plight of (sigh) Arsenal bring the Titans together? I guess we’ll find out in future issues. But for now just expect a sad sack ginger getting the crap beat out of him.  If that’s what you came to see then you are going to have a grand ol’ time.


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