The Musketeers #1
Story by: Joe Brusha
Written by: Terry Kavanagh
Art by Daniel Maine and Bryan Valenza
Published by: Zenescope Entertainment

Reviewed by: Ryan McLelland

The brand new Zenescope title The Musketeers is a bit of a mixed bag. It feels like they have all the ingredients, put them together, and put it in the oven to cook for 60 minutes. This first issue feels like 50 minutes have gone by. It throws a whole bunch of plot at us but isn’t quite there as of yet. Take it out now and it’s good.  A few more minutes and it could be outstanding.

The issue is written by Terry Kavanagh who has written such books in the past as Moon Knight and Uncanny X-Men. I know I’m going to date myself here but I loved Terry’s work going back to the New Universe and Kickers Inc. Loved the NU, loved Kickers, love Terry.

So what’s to like? There’s a lot. We are introduced to our Musketeers: Winter, Diego, and Carmen. They all seem to have these new superpowers which include increased ability, speed, and strength. Still they are running around fighting monsters with swords at the beginning of the comic. Now Zenescope is known for their multiple worlds and many of their characters use swords (the gorgeous ass-kicking beauty Queen of Swords comes quickly to mind).  I think it is a bit passé but what do I know?

These Musketeers aren’t on day one of their powers. They’ve been training in some other world with Merlin and Morgan Fay in Camelot. Why? I’m not too sure. Maybe Camelot is the perfect place to train since it has dragons, trolls, imps, and …dogs. Yeah there’s some dogs fighting in the mix but like killer anthropomorphic dogs. I dunno – just go with the flow and I’m sure you’ll be fine.

The Musketeers are basically wrapping up their training and they are sent on a mission which lands them in present day Philadelphia. Which is right down the block.  If you want to get drinks at Johnny Brendas you Musketeers just give me a call. They land in City Hall and are immediately drawn into a fight with a bunch of cops. This leads to my favorite page of the issue which I’ll show below.

Who could not love that battlecry? Musketeers, Murder!?!!?!?!? It made me giggle. Avengers Assemble it is not. And then they realize they truly need to work on that battle cry. We find out why the Musketeers were brought to City Hall and they are given an all new mission to carry out. They assign themselves codenames (if you guessed Porthos, Athos, and Aramis, you are correct) and then go off for some rest and relaxation before launching into the new mission.

Is that it? Of course it isn’t. Because there’s some sinister forces behind the scenes and within the team themselves. These powers are all new for the trio and it seems that they have changed them in ways that they make like or may not. Interesting – especially a plot point for male member of the group Diego. I was like, “Wow – I can’t believe they put that in a comic.”

The issue really comes off as a hodgepodge of ideas – like Joe Brusha and Kavanagh just threw everything, including the kitchen sink, into the script and went with it. So this is a first issue that just almost feels too busy. As this is a 5 issue miniseries I felt right away that they could have pushed this to six issues and expanded out this first issue a bit more. With everything thrown together I just felt like Musketeers #1 came off a bit disjointed.

Beyond that? I still had a lot of fun and interested to see where this title goes. It hooked me enough to want to read issue #2. Honestly it truly helps that my man Daniel Maine is drawing this title. Did I mention that I totally heart Daniel Maine? His art on last year’s Robyn Hood: The Hunt was breathtaking and his work still blows me away in this issue. I expect no less from Maine and he delivers every time.

Overall The Musketeers #1 is an interesting start. The book has promise but I just hope the storytelling smoothes out a bit from here.


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