The Wicked Righteous #4
Written by: Terry Mayo
Art by: Lucas Romero and Christopher Hall
Published by: Alterna Comics

Reviewed by: Ryan McLelland

I love this book but man I have no clue where it is going. The Wicked Righteous #4 is the first of the last three issues of this miniseries.  I thought this issue would give me more answers but it really only gave me tons of more questions. Is there any way writer Terry Mayo can wrap this bad boy up in just two issues?  I can’t see it. This world is too big. It’s too interesting. The plots?  Going farther and farther out there.

Against there’s way more questions then answers. We finally learn a bit more about JC but, in learning more about her, it hardens back to my thoughts that I had back when I reviews the first issue. Is this girl some sort of messiah figure?  Is this truly an apocolypse or are these people left on Earth the ones who weren’t taken?  Is the the end of the world or the end of times?

On top of it all?  Our Christ figure and our slightly pathetic but loveable teenage boy Lucas finally get some alone time. We all know what happens when teens get some alone time. But Lucas is also seeing tons of weird shit and these visions are really out there. So are they visions? Dreams? Is he bipolar?

On top of that those who are looking for JC are getting closer, our mystery hero Cross gets even more mysterious, and double crosses may make things worse for our intrepid heroes.

This review not making sense to you?   Well then you haven’t been reading The Wicked Righteous – the best title Alterna is putting out right now. That is saying something considering the massive amount of books they are putting out right now. That’s also on top of this book’s price of $1.50. Considering the content inside, buying The Wicked Righteous is probably the smartest move for any comic collector. Great story, great art, and, in the end, you end up spending 9 bucks total for the six issue series.

If I sound like a damn cheerleader its because I love what Alterna is doing, I love that they are putting out quality content for such a great price, and delivering the good each and every time. The Wicked Righteous is the cherry on top and it’s only downfall is there are only two issues left.  My only hope is that this isn’t the end of the story and there’s more to Mayo’s story somewhere down the road. If not?  Then it looks like we are in for two final issues that we’ll never forget.


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