2017 was a killer year for Tommy Wiseau’s The Room. Fifteen years after its “release” the film was released wide in theaters (only one night, but still), Greg Sestero’s biography The Disaster Artist reached #1 when released in paperback, and James Franco’s film The Disaster Artist made it to big screens. Franco won the Golden Globe for his portrayal of Wiseau though his Academy Award chances basically died when he was outed as part of the #metoo movement.

Coming right on the heels of all The Room 2017 goodness is the new album from Dr. Mindflip titled Roominations: An Unauthorized Parody. What is Roominations exactly? Not a musical album based on The Room but a twisted rock opera a la The Who’s Tommy or Pink Floyd’s The Wall. It tells a story but it doesn’t tell the story of The Room.

It’s a strange and wonderful opera where the main character is a man named Tommy (presumambly Tommy Wiseau) who gets in a car accident and enters the world of The Room – the movie. Johnny (The Room’s main character) is there but Tommy is too. The characters of The Room wander this world as Tommy traverses this weird and wonderful universe in an astral form.

Dr. Mindflip spent 2 years working on Roominations so even though it seems that it may look like “another The Room cash-in” it really isn’t the case.  This is a dream that took a long while to become a reality. The music and instrumentation alone are gorgeous. I can’t stress enough how great the music sounds from strings to drums to flutes. This is no cheap rock opera.  This is truly making love to your ears.

This is like the players of Dr. Mindflip sat down with Roger Waters and David Gilmour to write Roominations and handed it off to Andy Sturmer and Roger Manning Jr. to deliver the final product. If any of that makes any sense to you then this album is a must own. Because you don’t have to be a fan of The Room to enjoy this rock opera. It certainly helps you understand what the hell is going on a bit more, but as any good rock opera it is great as a standalone listen.  As this deviates from The Room’s story it helps drive its own narrative.

I thought the singers were outstanding on the album as well – the narrator seemed a bit dry but I guess if you are going to have a narrator in a rock opera like this you want someone to stand out. The narrator does stand out so he is always clear and concise.  Dry.  But concise.

This album is pretty damn deep. I’ve listened to it a few times through and I’m sure there are many different levels that my puny brain has yet to decipher. The first listen through I wasn’t really too sure what to make of the album. Again – it is not a telling of The Room in rock opera form. It is a mindfuck of an album that takes you through the human mind and what we experience in an out of body experience. The fact that it is then set to one of my favorite bad films of all time just makes it more brilliant.  The more you listen, the more you see the brilliance.

My grade for this album is going to be very high. I love this album, I love The Room, and I love a good rock opera. This album was made just for me. Will it appeal to an average listener who doesn’t know The Room? I think so, especially if you like a well made rock opera. I’ll point out the intense instrumentation again, I really can’t say enough of how stunning this album sounds. If you don’t like The Room or rock operas you probably won’t like the album, but I’ll also say that, in that case, this album isn’t made for you.

Dr Mindflip’s Roominations: An Unauthorized Parody came out at a great time, just as Robyn Paris released her mockumentary series on Funny or Die. Both are great additions to The Room’s legacy. If you are a fan of The Room this album is a must listen. Kick back, throw it on, and prepare for your mind to be blown. There is a vinyl as well…must get my hands on that.  Doesn’t look like spoons are included though.  Bring your own spoons.


Find the album at: https://www.drmindflip.com

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