Green Lanterns #40
Written by: Tim Seeley
Art by: Barnaby Bagenda, Mick Gray, and Ulises Arreola
Published by: DC Comics

Reviewed by: Ryan McLelland

Green Lanterns #40 is my first issue of the series and I had fun with the issue. I am totally unfamiliar with Cruz and Simon, the two Lanterns this book follows. Where did they come from? How many Green Lanterns does Earth have now? John, Kyle, Guy, Hal, Cruz, and Simon? Am I missing anyone? Does Earth really need SIX Green Lanterns? Seems like some other planets are getting the shaft there.

Issue 40 is the start of a run titled “Superhuman Trafficking” and deals with a superhero dating app and disappearing superheroes. It seems that the dating app allows superheroes to date other superheroes without having to reveal your secret identities. Can’t they just go on Tinder? Or just go to the bar? If you wear a mask no one knows who you aremanyway, right?

I try not to think too hard on the plot point. Fact of the matter is there is a dating app for superheroes and superheroes using this app are disappearing. I thought this to have a very Brian Michael Bendis’ Powers feel or even the new issues of Youngblood (yes because they both feature superhero apps). But I like how Cruz and Simon feel the need to put intergalactic emergencies aside to try and find out who is kidnapping superheroes. OF COURSE the disappearances are it bigger then we all expect and that’ll be just some of the fun to expect during this storyline.

Loved everything about this book. Loved the writing. REALLY LOVED Barnaby Bagenda’s artwork. I’m unfamiliar with his prior work but really want to seek out whatever he has done before. His pencils are really clean and the work comes off gorgeous. Consider me hooked. I really need to pick up the past issues of Green Lanterns and can’t wait to see where Tim Seeley takes us all next issue.


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