Savage Dragon #231
Written by: Erik Larsen
Art by: Erik Larsen
Published by: Image Comics

Reviewed by: Ryan McLelland

It has been a few years since I’ve read Savage Dragon but I recently was able to catch up on the past few issues.   The title may be the same but the comic underneath is vastly different from what I read some years back. Savage Dragon remains one of my all time favorite books but the new issues seem a bit harder to swallow for me.

The plot continues to follow two stories simultaneously. On Earth, Malcolm continues his adventures in Canada with wife Maxine who is pregnant with yet another baby dragon. On top of that, Maxine’s mom is also preggers with the child of another superfreak. Sprinkle on top a reality show filming this entire experience and it makes Malcolm long for the days when he could just go out and punch people.

In Dimension X, Angel, her daughter Jennifer, and ex-cop Alex Wilde are still trying to just survive the harsh environment. Last issue they came up on another ex-Dragon flame: Rapture. Rapture seems to be leading a huge army of Dimension X soldiers and all they do is kill Angel and Jennifer after Angel and Jennifer from different dimensions. Finally they are at OUR Angel and Jennifer. Alex is freaked out. She has no superpowers so how is she supposed to help stop this killer. The fight commences and the trio are clearly outmatched (and outnumbered).

Malcolm goes out to fight some baddies called The Sex Dolls. They appear to be baddies who will sex you to death. Yup they’ll hump, kill you, and then steal your money. At least they give you the loving first. Dragon finds The Sex Dolls only to find out that they are pretty damn strong and give the poor guy a severe ass whooping.

The issue quickly wraps up though Erik Larsen does give a nice cliffhanger there at the end, enough to make you really want that next issue. As for the issue itself it reads well and Larsen’s art has truly never looked better. I guess I’m really surprised at how adult this book is these days. Savage Dragon has always been a bit racy which I always enjoyed. It was a superhero book with sex and I dug it. These days not only is there sex but everyone is naked. Breasts abound. Fucks abound. Cum dripping all over the place. It has gone from beyond adult to truly raunchy.

I’m not quite sure how I feel about that. Look we are at issue #231 and Larsen has done this book (for the most part) all by himself each and every issue. The art AND the writing. So maybe he’s just bored with the same old superhero comic. Maybe he’s just tired of playing it safe or just toeing the line. Maybe he wants a comic balls to walls with action, naked breasts, and dripping cum. The fact that this comes from Image, one of the three major publishers, makes it more surprising. There’s no “For Mature Readers” on the book (at least that I spotted) so any seven year old can walk into a comic store and buy it. But I’m sure I was peeping Heavy Metal or Omaha the Cat Dancer around that age so what do I care? Maybe as a parent now I just notice these things more. (ED NOTE: Reader Andrew pointed out that the Mature rating is right there…on the back cover.  So there it is!  This is what I get for buying digital I suppose – RM)

Cum, boobs, fucks, and sex aside, Savage Dragon remains a very fun read. It is a book that continues to grow from its original premise and keep it interesting for the readers. There’s advancement. You don’t get that from Spider-Man who has been in his twenties since 1968. While this Canada storyline hasn’t blown me away I do find Malcolm’s wife Maxine to be truly hilarious. At this point I think I find the Dimension X storyline to be a bit more interesting so I really want to see where that goes. Still exhilarating and shocking after 25 years. What more can Savage Dragon ask for?


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