Quantum and Woody #2
Written by: Daniel Kibblesmith
Art by: Kano
Published by: Valiant Comics

Reviewed by: Ryan McLelland

I wasn’t sure what to make of the first issue of the Quantum and Woody relaunch. I read through it and was sort of puzzling to me. It was the first time I came onto the site here to talk about a book and not actually review it. I really wanted to wait until issue #2 was released to see if it would bring the book together a bit more. It did. I really like where the story is going and how the second issue really fleshes out the first.

The World’s Worst Superhero Team has broken up. Quantum has taken a government job protecting a secret warehouse full of all kinds of cool crap. Basically he’s an overpriced and overpowered security guard. Seriously. With a security guard uniform and everything.

Woody’s kind of become a bad guy. Only sorta kinda. He’s gone to work for Negative One who is a female clone of Thomas Edison (!?!?!?) who works for a mysterious employer. Is Woody over his head? Probably.  I mean, it’s Woody.  If he wasn’t a hot mess I’d be pretty sad.

The issue has a couple different storylines going. The most important I think is dealing with the revelation that Woody’s birth father is still alive. He was long thought dead which is how Woody and Eric became brothers. The problem is while Woody never knew his father was alive, Eric did. Quantum says he hid it from Woody for his own good. For Woody’s good AND Woody’s father’s good. Woody isn’t hearing it. Either would I, actually. Woody wants Quantum out of his life FOR GOOD and never wants to speak to him again. Well – except for having to come together every 24 hours so they duo don’t dissipate into nothingness.

This would all be well and good except for Negative One who has big plans for Woody. Those big plans also include breaking into a huge top secret government warehouse. A huge top secret government warehouse that Quantum just happens to work at now. The plan goes into effect and it….is….HILARIOUS.

So even though I was standoffish toward the first issue, Quantum and Woody #2 totally redeems it by bringing the plot more into focus and creating an interesting dynamic for the World’s Worst Superhero Team that already had an interesting dynamic. KIBBLESMITH – you sold me. Cha-ching. Quantum and Woody is a ton of fun and yet another gem in the Valiant stable. As this issue ends on a rather interesting note, I can’t wait to see what is coming with issue #3.


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