Marvel Two-In-One #2
Written by: Chip Zdarsky
Art by: Jim Cheung, John Dell, Walden Wong, and Frank Martin
Published by: Marvel Comics

Reviewed by: Ryan McLelland

I was a big fan of both Marvel Team-Up and Marvel Two-In-One as a kid though I wasn’t too crazy about the Team-Up revivals of the past. The only reason I picked up issue #2 (without having read #1) was because I wanted to get me some Fantastic Four. But since there are no Fantastic Four comics out right now I’ll settle for Ben Grimm and whoever he is teaming up with.

This issue has him teaming up with Johnny Storm and the two are off on an adventure to Monster Island where the very first issue of Fantastic Four took place. They are looking for a device that Reed Richards left and Human Torch thinks it is a way to go into the multiverse and find his sister & Reed.

Except it is a lie. Not about the machine, though. The machine can actually get the duo to the multiverse but Thing knows that Sue and Reed are dead. He lies to Human Torch just to get someone to help him. So they go to Monster Island where they are met by Mole Man and a huge slew of monsters looking to take out the duo.

The issue also features an appearance by Dr. Doom which I found to be quite interesting. It seems Doom has his own agenda and things may not be what they seem. He actually wants the device so he can go into the multiverse and now it is a big brawl between three sides.  The issue then delves into the past when Ben, Reed, and Victor were all in college together, which gives Ben an idea on where the device may actually be.

This was a pretty decent issue and the story was well told. I wasn’t greatly overwhelmed but it was enough to satisfy my lack of Fantastic Four craving. It’s an interesting book where The Thing is in a moral dilemma, where we see Human Torch distraught and losing his powers, and we see the ever resilient Dr. Doom once again doing whatever he thinks is best for himself.

I will say that there is an actual plot to this book which carries over from Marvel Two-In-One’s first issue. There were arcs in the previous Two-In-One comics so I don’t mind so much that this wasn’t a one-and-done team-up with Torch. I just do hope that, in the future, there are some great adventures where Thing teams up with (insert random hero name here) and they have a single issue together before going their separate ways.

I also hope that this may lead to a new Fantastic Four series. Do I hope way too much? Maybe. But I guess we’ll all see. The best part? The cover and the homage going back to Fantastic Four #1. It is…well….it is fantastic.


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