I always describe Teeel as the best band you think you don’t know but probably do know. Their music has been used everywhere so you may listen to a Teeel album and go, “Oh yeah – I totally know this song from (insert commercial, TV show, sportscast here).”

Teeel’s new album Overtime is coming next month – my pre-order for the vinyl is already in as it is limited to 250 copies and I NEED IT. The album itself is pressed on translucent aqua with opaque magenta and purple heavy splatter. So yeah – that’s super awesome, looks amazing, and right up my alley.

Radar Lovin is the first single off the album and it is a gorgeous track that would sound perfect in some 1980’s movie where Judge Reinhold is looking at Phoebe Cates or Patrick Dempsey riding down the street with Amanda Peterson on a lawn mower. It’s sexy as hell and probably the music you want to put on, turn the lights down low, and snuggle next to your special someone.

The video for Radar Lovin wasmjust released and it combines the song with one of those old school educational videos. One would think that the synth electro pop wouldn’t go good with black and white sex education videos from the 1950’s but you would think wrong.

You can pre-order Overtime on Bandcamp – I’m not sure if the vinyl is still available but if you love the format (like me) you should jump on that right away. I’m still trying to acquire Teeel’s last album on vinyl with minimal success.

I’ll be back shortly with an Overtime review once the album is released. You can check out Teeel’s music (and pre-order the new album) over at their Bandcamp: https://teeel.bandcamp.com

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