Reviewed by: Ryan McLelland

The Post was just nominated for two Academy Awards – one for Best Picture and one for Best Actress. I love Meryl Streep but ….man. This movie….this movie was BORRRRRRRRRING.  I don’t care if you saw it and you thought it was compelling.  I don’t care that Steven Spielberg directed it. Or how good Tom Hanks was. Or Streep. The plot of this film itself was simply dull. Unlike All the President’s Men or Spotlight there is no reporting involved. There’s no intrigue. There’s a scenario, there’s talking, and then more talking . They talked about publishing and talked about not publishing and then about not publishing.

This is the film: The New York Times get top secret documents and prints some. The government stops them from publishing more of these documents. The Washington Post gets the documents and they need to decide if they will publish more documents or face the wrath of the government. After a whole bunch of talking The Post decides to publish the top secret papers.

The film is meant to talk about how important a free press is which really strikes a chord with our current president and his “fake news.”  But beyond that?  A bunch of newspaper people talking about publishing or not publishing bored me right to sleep.  Seriously.  Bored to tears.  I get more tension from a Smurfs movie.

Let’s say I made this movie: my buddy gets a stolen videogame but the cops find out. I get a stolen videogame from the same person. I gather my friends and we talk about if it’s right to play the stolen videogame or not. Ultimately we decide to play the game and we all play Halo.  It is the same movie and same moral dilemma as The Post.  Of course there is A LOT more at stake in The Post but the way they present it doesn’t make a compelling film.  Most will disagree with me.  The Academy Award nominations disagree with me.  I don’t care if you disagree with me.

There were fine performances from all the supporting cast of David Cross, Bob Odenkirk, Bradley Whitford, and Jesse Plemons (who is finally starting not to look like a Damon clone). Spielberg did a great job making the film look good. But the film itself?  It was a bore. You want a real good newspaper reporter movie with some intrigue?  Go see President’s Men or Spotlight.  You want a film that Streep should have won the Oscar for?  Go watch last year’s Florence Foster Jenkins.

Critics love this film but it just truly feels like Oscar bait to me. I heard some complaints Tom Hanks didn’t get nominated but he just turned in a normal Hanks performance that certainly didn’t seem to be award worthy to me.  Hell in the pantheon of his films this wasn’t even noteworthy.  Go watch All The President’s Men and see the outstanding performance by Jason Robards (who was also playing Ben Bradlee).  THAT was an Oscar winning performance.  Guess what?  HE WON!

All this has nothing to do with my expectations for the film since I had zero walking in.  But walking out?  I was really glad when the credits finally rolled.  Good cast, great direction, ho-hum script.


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