On the set of Death Race all the reporters I was with were giddy with anticipation to meet Jason Statham. We were taken out to the corner of this massive complex where they were shooting some scenes and, finally, Statham came over to chat. I thought to myself, “Dude…he’s short!” I’m 5’9 so I’m not exactly tall, but not exactly a Hobbit. Statham was my height or perhaps even shorter (he’s listed at 5’10” but I don’t think so).

Take a listen as it was a really fun interview. Of course my favorite moment came after the interview when everyone was saying their thank you’s. I walked up and told Statham I was taking kung-fu, that I saw him in that Jet Li movie, and I could probably take him. “Which Jet Li movie?” he angrily retorted. I said The One. He scoffed and said, “That movie sucked.” I said fine…War. “That movie sucked too!” he said. I broke out laughing. That was funny. He smiled. It was good to see he had a decent sense of humor. For the record….I like The One.

I have a few more Death Race interviews that will be coming up soon.


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