Robyn Hood: The Curse #1
Written by: Chuck Dixon
Art by: Julius Abrera and Robby Bevard
Published by: Zenescope Entertainment

Reviewed by: Ryan McLelland

Robyn Hood: The Curse #1 was a pretty big shock to me.  It was a shock I really wasn’t prepared for from a Robyn Hood comic.  Last year’s Robyn Hood: The Hunt was a favorite of mine and I’m currently liking what Zenescope is doing with their Van Helsing vs. Robyn Hood mini.  Chuck Dixon also wrote Zenescope’s brilliant Van Helsing vs. The Werewolf last year which was a series I truly enjoyed.  So what is so shocking about The Curse?

The Curse is a horror book.  A real, legit horror book.  Bloody.  Gory.  Disgusting.  That isn’t to say it isn’t amazing but I will say that this type of gore is something I would have expected more from a Van Helsing book then a Robyn Hood book.  Maybe that’s the point?  Throw something very different at the reader?  Well, if Zenescope wanted different they really accomplished it.  I am most shocked that there isn’t some sort of mature warning on this issue.

The issue starts off showing Robyn on the hunt as she jumps around some rooftops after some…people.  They look like people I guess.  But Robyn lets us all know that these “people” may not be from her neighborhood in New York.  After being taken down by Robyn, one dude dissolves into worms.  It’s awesome.  Gross.  But awesome.  With an eye poked out of his head you know right away that this isn’t going to be your typical Robyn Hood book.

The story then segues to two women messing around with some black magic.  One of the women gets hurt by something mystical and is thrown into a coma.  This brings Robyn out to the West Coast to investigate what may have happened to her friend’s girlfriend.  Some other events happen concurrent to this which don’t seem to impact the story just yet but is great (and bloody) foreshadowing for the reader.

There’s not a ton of action in this book.  There’s a bunch of perfect storytelling and a ton of blood.  This book may be better then any other horror comic I’ve ever read before.  So once again: I am shocked.  It’s a Robyn Hood book that is basically a gross horror film!

Julius Abrera’s artwork is good but really shows promise when it comes to the gore.  There are pretty of sick parts in Dixon’s script and Abrera really gets down every gruesome detail.  This is truly helped by stalwart Zenescope colorist Robby Bevard who, once again, does an amazing job in making a Zenescope book look gorgeous.  Even one as disgusting as this one.

I’m not sure where Dixon is going with this book but I am sucked in.  WAYYYYYY sucked in.  This is a Zenescope book that I’ve never seen attempted before.  There may be Zenescope titles like this published in the past but none that I have ever read.  I think it is pretty damn bold – especially with such a core Zenescope character like Robyn Hood.  Done wrong and the reader probably thinks, “They are just doing it to be sensational.”  But in Dixon’s more than capable hands the gore is only a part of an engaging story.

Verdict?  Incredible.  Robyn Hood: The Curse #1 comes right out of the gate swinging and drops a story that most readers (like myself) might not have expected. Now that I know what this book is about?  I can’t wait to see what happens next.  I hope the blood and gore keeps up like this for the remaining five issues or else I may be a bit disappointed later.  But for now?  I’m truly happy.  I know the year just started…but this book is already the surprise of 2018.


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