Just over a month before the return of Strangers in Paradise (coming shortly this month!), writer/artist Terry Moore released his 25th Anniversary Sketchbook with over 200 pages of his artwork from over the years to include art and sketches from Strangers in Paradise, Motor Girl, Echo, and Rachel Rising.

I’m not here to review the sketchbook. I mean if I was to rate the book it would be an A+ because it is just a treasure trove of his outstanding work plus Terry’s own commentary. This could be a sentence or a couple paragraphs. It really just depends on which piece you are looking at.

I realize that this book is made for me. It is. Terry is my favorite writer/artist of all time and Strangers in Paradise my favorite comic of all time. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all of his follow up books as well as Terry is just a masterful storyteller no matter the characters. His artwork can only be described as completely stunning. One of my favorite pieces hanging in my mancave is a picture Terry drew for me of Katchoo smoking.  Seeing Katchoo daily always makes me smile.

I’m also not going to sit here and post picture after picture from the sketchbook. If you want to see the artwork, then buy the sketchbook! But I did want to show just a few pieces to hopefully intrigue you into seeking this out. If you are a Terry Moore or SIP fan and don’t yet own this, hopefully this will show you just a taste of what you are missing out on.

This picture is the first picture of the Strangers in Paradise cast Terry drew. He talks at length about this piece and what exactly it meant to him in drawing it. Things would change a bit for this cast by the time SIP was first published,  but this first piece is what really what helped form the characters of SIP in Terry’s mind. Amazing what one drawing has the ability to do.

Here’s a pic of an early idea for Motor Girl. Obviously she never became a Tomb Raider Indiana Jones type, as we got a great adventure of military vet Sam in the Nevada desert with her imaginary talking ape and UFOs. Still – this is quite an amazing drawing and maybe Terry can go back to something like this in a future series.

Julie from Echo wearing the metallic armor. Forget Iron Man. Forget X-O Manowar. Forget Master Chief. Julie is a badass who doesn’t quite understand the armor she’s wearing and the true power it has. Echo was such an amazing series and this one picture truly tells you how amazing the concept is. I sure hope an Echo movie comes to fruition some day.

That’s all I got. Just a quick taste from the 25th Anniversary Sketchbook. You can find the sketchbook right here: http://abstractstudiocomics.com/product/25th-anniversary-hardcover-sketchbook – there is also a softcover version and a digital version. But me? I’m glad to have this badass hardcover.  This sketchbook is just the perfect present to all Terry Moore fans before Katchoo and Francine arrive back on our doorsteps.

I’ll be back shortly with my review of Strangers in Paradise XXV #1. Until then? You can kick back and watch my Love Letter To SIP below.

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