The Wicked Righteous #3
Written by: Terry Mayo
Art by: Lucas Romero and Christopher Hall
Published by: Alterna Comics

Reviewed by: Ryan McLelland

I like The Wicked Righteous a ton though I have my own pet name for the book. “Apocalypse Teenage Love” is what I call this book in my head. I don’t think it is as catchy of a name but I really think that it is a more apt description. Thus far we’ve seen a group of kids and adults traversing a landscape and, after acquiring a teenager girl named JC, avoiding killer gangs looking to snatch the girl for reasons still slightly unknown.

The group had some help from a badass named Cross who decided to help the group in exchange for access to a satellite phone. As the group doesn’t actually have a SAT phone it is now up to young teenager Lucas to take Cross to The Ballpark. The Ballpark is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a ballpark where professional baseball games used to be played. Now? Gladiator games! Death, death, and more death! The reigning champion is a superbadass woman named Berg who certainly is great at killing newbs in “the ring.”  Berg and her father have a SAT phone but Lucas and his group also have gangmembers right on their tail once again. So Lucas finds himself in a situation he would much rather not be in while racing against time.

I find the world of The Wicked Righteous interesting because I really like how writer Terry Mayo just doesn’t give us everything at once. That goes from whatever brought our fine country to ruins to the events that happen from issue to issue. Everything pretty much unfolds with very little exposition. Perhaps even too little. To which I don’t care. I’m quite okay with being thrown into the world and figuring things out as the book moves along.

This particular issue doesn’t quite move the plot. It may make a bit more sense when the entire story is published but, for right now, I thought it slowed up the story just a bit. The ending of the issue was pretty great with several different plot lines established that will be explored in the very next issue. Because of this I found the last couple pages to be the best of this issue.

Overall The Wicked Righteous #3 was a pretty good introduction to the second act but I’m truly intrigued to see what issue 4 brings. As this comic is part of Alterna’s $1.50 comic line picking this book up is a no-brainer. It’s a great read that won’t cost you much. That is truly the way I love my entertainment.


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