Van Helsing Vs. Robyn Hood #1
Story by: Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco, and Dave Franchini
Written by: Ralph Tedesco
Art by: Allan Otero and Leonardo Paciarotti
Published by: Zenescope Entertainment

Reviewed by: Ryan McLelland

Zenescope had an AMAZING 2017 with their series Robyn Hood: The Hunt written by LaToya Morgan and Van Helsing Vs. The Werewolf written by Chuck Dixon. Van Helsing Vs. Robyn Hood seems like a weird concept as the two characters are friends within this universe. But the title is apt considering what happens in this book.

The plot for the issue is quite simplistic. Liesel Van Helsing is back from the snow covered mountains and once again out and about killing vampires. One vampire gives her a single name which causes Van Helsing to go off on a quest to find someone named Von. Robyn is hired to find some old woman’s son who has gone missing. The two missions converge and our heroines literally bump into each other.

It’s a team-up made in heaven! Though they then bump into some weird vampire activities, fight some vampires, and something big happens that I won’t spoil for those who want to read the comic. It does set up what the plot will be for the rest of this 4 issue miniseries.

I’m going to start with the bad here and that bad really is this mini being just 4 issues. The pacing of this first issue felt severely rushed through. One thing I usually love about Zenescope’s minis are that they run 6 issues which allows the plot to unfold rather smoothly. With this being 4 issues I felt completely rushed through the first issue. It came off just a bit unsatisfying.

Some of this may not be the actual book and may just be me. I can absolutely recognize that the Vs. The Werewolf and The Hunt just ended with both series bringing these characters to all new heights. It’s not that this new mini is a step back. But as those comics were allowed to unfold slowly it never felt rushed. The other thing is Robyn’s new miniseries The Curse is launching in just a few weeks – written by Chuck Dixon (YAY!).  Because that title is launching so soon it makes what happens in this issue feel like the stakes are very low. I don’t want to explain why that is because I don’t want to spoil this book. I just think that the timing of this book seems off. Like it is just a placeholder for Van Helsing until her next big comic is ready to go.  This is completely an assumption I’m making from reading just one single issue so I could absolutely be 100% wrong on this.

Beyond all of that there is a ton of good here that far outweighs my minor gripes. I loved seeing these two characters together and the book was a complete blast beyond feeling rushed. The issue’s story come from the trifecta of Brusha, Tedesco, and Franchini so no one knows these characters better than they do. The art team of Allan Otero and Leonardo Paciarotti come fresh off of Van Helsing Vs. The Werewolf to this title.  They are a great combo. This book looks fantastic and I love how these two collaborate together. Otero can really draw a wonderful Robyn Hood.

That’s about it for my review of issue 1. I wish I could get more in-depth but, as this issue moves so quickly, anything more would really spoil the comic. I’m not really sure how much of an impact having these two together will have on the Zenescope Universe but this just seems like a fun way to bring these two characters together. I truly am interested in seeing what happens next especially after what happens in the final pages of issue 1.


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