Not Reviewed By: Ryan McLelland

So you read the title correctly.  This is NOT a review for Valiant’s new Quantum and Woody #1.  After reading the issue I thought about simply not typing anything out and just waiting for issue #2 to see where the story goes.  Isn’t it my job as a reviewer to review things?  Yeah…I guess.  But in being my own boss I get to do whatever the hell I want!

So Quantum and Woody #1 has relaunched with now being the perfect time for a relaunch.  Why?  Well there’s a TV series on the way and there’s no sense in not having a comic book for fans of the TV show to buy.  So here we are.  Now is this issue just some money grab?  Of course not.  Usually Valiant isn’t about the money grab.  If anything Valiant truly is all about their fans.

As Quantum and Woody comics tend to do, this issue jumps around quite a bit.  There’s a bunch of plot as we visit Quantum and Woody’s childhood, plus their time as superheroes, then what seems to be a present time where they aren’t superheroes.  There’s a bunch of setup which will pay off in the issues to come.  I tried to think first of how to rate a comic.  I’m usually pretty good at picking a rating and sticking with it.  With Quantum and Woody #1 I couldn’t come up with anything.  I liked the comic.  It read well.  But it was really all over in trying to setup a bunch of different stories all in one.  It wasn’t bad.  So how do I rate it?  B?  C?  A?  I was truly puzzled.

So I decided to just simply say that Quantum and Woody #1 tosses a bunch of great plot into a blender and spits out a bunch of chunks for the first issue.  I’m sure things will make more sense as time goes on and I’ll be right here to review these issues as they come out.  Writer Daniel Kibblesmith and artist Kano seem to be a great combo for this series so I’m sure there’s great things to come.  But as Quantum and Woody can always be a bit meta I’m happy to think that this non-review is a bit meta as well.  Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Eric!

I’ll be back with a proper review of issue 2.  Hopefully.  Maybe I’ll tackle issue 1 as well.


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