Gigi Rowe made our Favorites of 2016 list when I covered her breakout single Run the Night and Hello Gigi Rowe EP.  I’ve always loved Gigi but her transition into dance music really turned out to be the right move.

I was hoping for some sort of full length album from Gigi in 2017 but it never happened.  I’m not sure if that is in the cards or if just releasing singles and EPs is the better thing to do when it comes to the dance music scene.  What we did get in 2017 was six brand new songs and a killer Bruce Springsteen cover.  One song was titled Cover Me Up and wasn’t actually a dance song.  It was a beautifully done piece that truly showed the range of this very talented musician.  I hope fans of her dance music can also appreciate that she is so multifaceted.

Gigi released the single track 24/7 Dreamers and the 4 song EP Stardust Motel in 2017.  All the songs here really made me get off my butt and want to dance around.   The leadoff song from Stardust Motel is a wonderful track titled Got That which is now featured in the newest Just Dance game.  The song is just a lot of fun as is the accompanying music video.

These releases really solidified in my mind that Gigi is the Savior of Dance Music.  Most dance music today just sounds way overproduced but with Gigi at the wheel there really is true talent behind the microphone.  It makes her and her music stand out.  The past two years has seen some great music come from Gigi Rowe and I truly hope that her music reaches more and more music fans in 2018.  I can’t wait to see what’s coming.

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