There were a ton of comic book films that came out last year from monstrosity comic movie blockbusters like Justice League and Spider-Man Homecoming to smaller known comic books like Kingsman and Atomic Blonde (based on the OGN The Coldest City). But there was one comic book film I couldn’t wait to see and that was the film adaptation of Derf Backderf’s graphic novel My Friend Dahmer.

The graphic novel is one of my all time favorites so my expectations were pretty high for the film. For the most part those expectations were met. Writer/Director Marc Meyers crafted a film that really places you right beside serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer as he tries to traverse his senior year of high school, right before he started killing boys & men.

The film is a great adaptation though there is plenty of new material in the movie that was not in the graphic novel. It does look like the film also took some liberties for dramatic sake but those scenes also added some really tension to the film.  There’s music throughout the film but there is also scenes that are so, so quiet. You are left there watching actor Ross Lynch as Dahmer as he brings out the conflict, heartache, and pain of this young man. You really want to reach out and hug Dahmer at times. You want to yell at those who pick on him, who ignore him, or even his own family that struggles to even show the tiniest bit of love or empathy. Lynch’s performance is spectacular and really shows the range of the young actor/singer who is primarily known for his Disney Channel work.

The film is slow at times but I really thinks this works beautifully because My Friend Dahmer isn’t edited so events pass quickly. The slow pace forces you into Dahmer’s world. It never shies away. It really forces the audience to watch and understand what this young man went through. Just like the graphic novel, the film adaptation of My Friend Dahmer gets better and better with multiple viewings. It is layered and there is always something new to find in this film and the performances.

Most comic book films of 2017 disappointed me. I thought My Friend Dahmer was great, but the more I thought about it the more I really loved it. It really is up there as one of the best comic book films of 2017 and perhaps one of the best indie comic book film adaptations of all time. It only had a very limited release so my suggestion is to snag this right away when it comes available to digital and DVD.

If you haven’t read Derf’s graphic novel my suggestion is to go over to Amazon right now and order it. Here – I’ll even provide a link for you:

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